Children’s Bedtime Stories

As I build my business, Story in the Wings I look to the creation of uStories.

uStories are Customized Children’s Storybooks available for sale for Your child.

Customized Storybooks are so much more than the “Personalized” stories I’ve seen for sale online where you choose an already written and illustrated storybook and pay to have your child’s name inserted in the hero or heroine’s place.

With uStories, I will conduct a brief interview with the parent either via phone or email form with such questions as:

What is your child’s favorite toy?

Who are your child’s siblings?

What does your child want to be when they grow up?

or, Where does your child like to play the most?

I will then construct a tale that includes these specific details of your child’s life but also add a dash of wonder, a sprinkling of delight, some adventure and magic, and then voilà! a Storybook of the most personal fun and interest where your child gets to not only be the hero, but also embrace the magic of childhood imagination and dreaming into their every day life.

I have already written a sampling of such tales.  First names are used only for safety and all permissions for publication are provided by a parent.

Please enjoy these tales as I begin to post them and see if your child would like one of their very own!!

Shiloh Goes West

The First Adventure of Luke and Elliot the Great

Andy Gets a Champion Choice

If you would like to contact me regarding your own uStory, I am best reachable at: or via my Facebook page.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

-Gregga J.


Look for my “Grow Down Series” coming soon where I write customized storybooks for adults looking to rekindle their inner child!


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