Published Works!

Here are all the links to my published works also available on Amazon and Kindle.

The first book, 7 Stories for 7 Sons, is a collection of short stories for Imagineer’s of all Ages. Inside you will find samples of my customized uStories. Each bedtime story was written for a real live boy (no Pinocchio’s here).

During my walkabout healing time, I had very little resources to spend on my loved ones so when one of the darlings I babysat (for a dear friend known long since the days of girlish high school) asked me with the brazen innocence of a child, “What are you getting me for my birthday?” I replied with the only gift I could and said, “I will write you a story, all your own.”

Throughout the rest of that year, I continued this gifting for his brother, two sons of another distant friend, and then my own three sons. Thus was created seven stories.

The second book, Tales of the Trevel, is also a collection of short stories, but these are more for bigger kids. It is by no means an adult rated book, but, as the subtitle states, they are bawdy short stories centered around taverns and pirate ships, thus they are a darker and rougher glimpse at life.

There are three main sections to this book, “Tales of the Trevel”:

“Tales from the Rusty Rabbit” is a collection of short stories centered around a dubious tavern in the lower levels of the modern day city of Atlantis in Underland Trevellia (a place where all human legend, fairy tales, and stories of super human and mutant powers originate.)

“Tales from the Bullfrog” is a collection of short stories centered around a mighty pirate Captain and his evolution through the seasons of his life.

“The Last Poinsettia” is a chapter story and family Christmas tale. It is the Christmas gift I wrote for my three sons, Shiloh (Milo, the Pathfinder), Andy (Captain Garrettson of the Leaf-Fae), and Luke (Ccino, chief Imagineer and problem solver to the Leaf-Fae).

Together, these stories weave through random glimpses of the life of one woman, a Trevel who gives her name as Filly. Her beginning (The Last Poinsettia) as a raggedy beggar girl and only daughter of an outlawed, drunken werewolf takes a drastic change as destiny finds in her the new and faithful Oracle of Atlantis. She begins her studies and takes hold of this prophetic and powerful leadership role (Rusty Rabbit and Bullfrog)only to discover the loneliness and need for love is just as real to her as it is to any in the dark night. Many are the wonders and terrors that manifest in her search for love that shows up in unlikely places, in many forms. Learning to embrace and let go becomes the only way she learns to thrive in a worldwide famine of love and light.

The Last Poinsettia is also available as a stand alone Family Christmas Tale for everyone to enjoy.

The Trevel Universe is a place of wonder, terror, magic, delight and Energy. I continue the tales in my novel (the first in a trilogy), “The Chronicles of Trevel: Dragon Tears” available for pre-sale only at this time.

Look to see many, many other stories to come in this universe where to be Trevel is to be “at One with the power of the Universe.” To be Bacht is to be “powerless, or human.” But, these definitions are strictly from the Trevel who despise the Bacht for consistently refusing bow to them as gods. The Bacht, or humans, don’t even know they are the Bacht.

Bacht, Welcome to the World of the Trevel

Take a closer look at what your own heart might reflect at the touch of Dragon Tears

Take a closer look at what your own heart might reflect at the touch of Dragon Tears


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