A One-Site to Rule them All

to Rule them All

Here in is the Tale of Trevel: a Woman with many names, a Gurl with many passions, and an Artiste with many forms.

This is my “Story in the Wings”: wings of flight, wings of freedom, wings of stages.

Here is where you can catch up with all the galavantings and ramblings of my public and sometimes my private life.  There is often very little difference between to two. . . for now . . .

So far, this means a link to my Author page where my novel(s) are being published, a link to my Reviews page where I have written a few movie reviews, with more ideas to come!  Check out the pages listed at the top.

Keep up with the latest novel adventure “The Magical Fantastical Springhill Farm: where the names are all kept vital for the protection of strangers.” As I write each chapter, I post it as a blog so there will likely be changes and updates, but get started on the linked adventure with Silver and Gold.

I’ll keep you posted here, and you keep in touch, too. Passing on the Story of Life is my greatest passion. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I cannot wait to hear yours.

See you in the World!

ps- the picture of the ring is care of Tungsten Affinity.


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