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As we remember those who’ve passed and gave all they could in wars for freedom, I’m reminded once again of what service in the military is, and how that bleeds over into the reality of all our soul living.

When a soldier signs up for the militia they sign over their whole being. No longer are they their own person as the body and soul (being the mind, the will, and the emotions) are offered over to the service of a higher cause. This is not just a military effort either. Much of the service community has a similar perspective. Policemen offer up their daily lives in service of protecting and serving their immediate community. First Responders do the same, be that for fire, ambulance, or state law and national law enforcement.

This is a deeply noble cause for which I am eternally grateful. I was never able to take up this level of physical service. I live my life in daily gratitude for those who do.

Yet, what IS this noble cause that these men and women sign their lives and souls over to?

The extreme end is signing up for the military with all its many varied levels of commitment and tasking. The military in its most explicit definition is: A Death Machine.

War is the business of Death.

Death encroaches upon all of us. No human will escape this life, alive. Thus, with Death haunting and bleeding its atmosphere about us in all the darkest places, there must be a defense against this ending of life, in order to live well as we all dream of doing.

Death is not inherently evil. Very little in this world is inherently evil, except pure evil itself. There is very little that is pure evil in this modern age. After all the years of our existence, the purest yin and yang opposites have seen much blending into multiple shades of grey. That is why our development of Human evolution is so complicated. Nothing is absolute anymore; not even “nothing”.

In this blended age, identity is being redefined, purity is being redefined, in fact with this wonderful generation of millennials, (and others of a youthful attitude), everyone is questioning everything, and definitions are being reworked to be broader, wider, and deeper in understanding.

One may be frightened and wary of such change. Change has exploded onto the scene since the turning of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Yet, we need not fear change, only approach it with wisdom and humility.

Death hasn’t changed much. It’s one of the few constants in life, along with change. Of course, the applications and interpretations of death are ever fluid, adjusting to whatever is available. Death is a tool that may be used by Deeper Evil or Divine Love. Death may be a mercy in some moments, or a torment in others.

In the business of Death, war is used as a defense, attack, rebellion, and peace making. That is what the men and women (and sometimes children) sign up for, when they offer their lives over to the service of war: to become a part of a Death machine; a cog in the wheel of the tool of Death.

When service is offered up for the community in law enforcement and as first responders, this same death machine mentality is adjusted and disguised to suit a more “civilized” atmosphere. Here many deeper complications and complexities, hoop jumping bureaucracy, dirty leadership, and far too many unsung heroes blend into a well-meaning death dance.

Yet what happens to those men and women who are trained for months and years in how to be the most efficient cog in this death machine, when they reach the stage of being a part replaced by another more efficient cog?

That is what our current epidemic is, with all our veterans returning from unspeakable horrors of war to find they no longer fit the civilized Life machine. There seems to be no place for them. They were trained for Death. How can they fit into Life?

You’ve seen them on the sides of the roads. You’ve seen them in bar stools. You’ve not seen those who’re locked away and you don’t notice the ones who lock themselves away deep in their dark souls, unless the mess within suddenly explodes all over the place.

Yet, this is not new. Nor is it limited to military veterans, or even first responders trying to balance the drek of what they deal with every day, no longer able to have faith in humanity’s goodness.

This bleak darkness of death has always been with us and it always will be. Yet I am no doomsayer. I am a purveyor of HOPE. Grace is the atmosphere I carry. Mercy is the blood that bleeds through my veins. Love sweats from my pores.

There is a great famine of Love in the earth, yet we stand upon the cusp of a new age of glory in a reformation of the manifestation of Love.

We’ve seen a beta testing of this age during the 1970’s age of Aquarius and free love. But, this new era will be much deeper and resonate louder through all who seek meaning, purpose, and community. This is not about just a sexual awakening, or throwing flowers, or even condemning war. This reformation of Love will be so strong that it will embrace war and conquer Death in resurrection and a Pheonix flaming of new life. There is no need to fear Death, or the use of a death machine. FOR THERE IS A LIFE THAT COMES AFTER DEATH.

Here, I am speaking of a soul and spiritual new life that may be lived here and now on earth. Although I will never discount the miracle of the medical and scientific community as it approaches a deeper understanding of how to keep life in and flowing through the physical body. That is simply not my realm of expertise. I leave that to those who understand the physical better than I.

The soul, however… now that is my realm!

In my humbly excited opinion, now is the best time to be alive. There is no better age than now, to look back on all that humanity has learned and apply the lessons of grace to restore Life into the evolutionary growth of the soul: individually, family, neighborly, and into the greater community.

My efforts to write these essays are the beginning of my desire to train those who’ve come out of the Death Machine, to share with them how they may resurrect their souls into new life. For this is the experience from which I have learned and achieved good success.

Yet, there is another aspect of death that I see. There are many civilians who live zombie lives (and some who live vampiric lives, sucking life essence from those around them). For these souls, I long to share the Hope of restored Life.

I’ve already babbled long here. So, keep an eye out. There is so much more Hope to be had. I am not the only bringer of Life, or channel of Love in this world. Eternal Love is pouring out upon the Earth in waves that are growing exponentially. Wherever you find Love continue seeking that. I’m not talking just about lust, I mean unconditional compassion and sacrificial faithfulness.

Pursue the TR3V3L3 UNUM tenants of: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and the Self-control to remain in only these positive attitude aspects. Even if you’re on the front lines of war, or the first to respond to community tragedy and trauma, or if you’re retired, in the corporate world, a care-giver, a student or teacher, or life long learner traveling your path, whatsoever you do in your daily living, look to breathe and generate the atmosphere of Life. Then death may not control you quite so much. And you will continue to walk into a living of Reforming Restoration.

Be Well. Live Hard. Love Harder.