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The Future of Mental Anguish & Emotional Distress

Guns, Mental Health, Emotional Well-being, and a Future of Light.

By Gregga J. Johnn


Guns are not a deterrent. Guns are a death weapon… that deter.

When death is being thrown around in a war, or in a classroom in the hands of a mentally anguished and emotionally distressed student, having a well-trained defender in the school halls who carries a gun may deter those who think rationally. It will also be an added protection in the moment against those who behave irrationally.

However, this is not the final answer. This is a bandage method used in a triage situation. It may be necessary to stop the profuse bleeding-out of a deeply wounded and torn apart present moment. But, this is not the answer that we need as we go into the future. We need to heal the whole.

The soul wound of our Society has been band-aided over, knocked out with drugs, and suppressed with compression packs for decades. Now, the festering stink of questionable healing methods and experimentation is starting to eat away any attempts to keep clean the surface of shiny, happy immediate gratification. Therefore, triage approaches are necessary in the immediate. But they are not the long term needed answer.

As a woman who has lived with and in the darkest oppression of a soul war, (and has found her way out!), I want to address the Future of Mental Anguish & Emotional Distress. We need to start approaching what is currently called Mental Illness in a COMPETELY DIFFERENT LIGHT.

I recognize that we are in a transition phase where everyone sees the need for change, and many are preaching and calling out suggestions and ideas. (Like me, here). During this transitional phase, there will be a need for triage approaches like Defense Weapons in some schools, as well as protests against such in other schools. Turmoil comes with transition. But, that doesn’t mean we need to fight about it!

I propose approaching all matters with GREAT GRACE for all sides, for there is always one more piece of information that we do not yet know, that will change everything. Humility is the call when reaching out toward others. Wisdom is the cry when receiving from others. [You can read more on this in my book, Becoming TR3V3L3.]

Practically, what does this mean?

Instead of considering one who suffers from mental anguish and emotional distress as “others,” “them,” or “those people,” we need to accept and embrace the idea that we are “us,” “our community,” and “My neighbor”. For every one of us suffers under some sort of mental anguish and emotional distress during some season of our lives. We are all the same in that. It is only that some of us are more closely connected to alternate soul dimensions where these disturbances in the physical realm aggressively undermine our soul’s peace.

Now don’t go and dismiss me or scoff, because you read “alternate soul dimensions” and automatically presumed I’m nuts and lacking credible wisdom or scientific proof. I’ve written several blog posts that rationally and intellectually discuss this concept in a way that you cannot deny as being a truth, (well you can if you want to; you’re free to do that). That truth may manifest differently for you than it does for me, but that’s ok. [Go read that beginning with: Waxing Philosophical.]

I am advocating a Community Healing approach as we step into the future. Embrace everyone around us as our community to care for, provide for, and protect; be that by building bridges, barriers, or bunkers in season or tearing the same down out of season.

Bullies are both necessary and horrible. I am personally grateful for the hating bullies in my school career. BUT, I wasn’t physically abused or attacked. I may have been cornered and imposed upon by louder souls and voices than mine, but I wasn’t physically beaten or abused. I can’t imagine how horrible that would be, either at home or at school. Frankly, if I found someone being physically beaten in either place by a larger person taking advantage of strength over someone weaker… you better believe I will be inclined to take advantage of the immensity of my own soul against such a bully. I wanna lay-out a mofo like that; SMACK your medicine back at you. Quit that shyte. Strength is for Protection and Defense… not to take advantage of someone weaker. That is despicable behavior.


This is why Humility is needed when we interact outwardly with the community around us & why Wisdom is needed when we take atmosphere into our own souls. This generates a currency of RESPECT. Respect is the greatest wealth in all the world.

Now, Respect looks differently to many people. Pardon my generalization when I use the terms Masculine Mind vs Feminine Mind. They operate differently. But, your understanding of these words may vary from what I intend. These Mind Qualities often have little to do with physical genitals. I am a woman who loves men with a mind that is a bizarre combination of masculine and feminine qualities in both my strengths and weaknesses. (To read more on my explanation of these differing scales, check out Soul Parts).

A masculine mind will automatically translate Respect through Work; respecting someone who can or has done more than you, or to you. It often holds an element of healthy fear and wariness, like a pedestrian respecting a semi-trailer truck that barrels down a hill toward them. Step out of the way and let that pass by with respect to its ability to squash you.

A feminine mind will automatically translate Respect through Will; respecting someone who can or has survived or accomplished more than you, or to you, through unobtrusive and subtle means of Will power. This may hold an element of fear, too. But, more a fear of what is not seen or perceived at first, like a sailor respecting the ocean, sailing upon her with wonder at her beauty and terror at the depth of her fierce storms.

To point to an obvious physical example of blatant imagery, let’s get naked. The masculine quality will either be passive and listless or hard and pointed looking to penetrate where it can. The feminine quality will be a hidden source of warmth and life nurturing, or tortuous pain that spews out blood, requiring exploration and an entering in. (Hehehehehehehe isn’t Life imagery fun!)

Most people are a magical combination of both of these on a Masculine/Feminine MF Spectrum.

When Respecting one whose life is caught up in a soul storm or a soul war with mental anguish and emotional distress, we need to stop trying to “fix” them so they “fit” into what the social norm should be according to where we live traditionally, geographically or culturally.

What if I told you that not all souls spend all their time in this physical dimension? Some souls are equipped with mystical abilities that enable them to cross over freely into the unseen dimensions that waver in, through, and about us.

As a simple example, look at an elderly person who is diagnosed with dementia. Many pity such and hope they never get that way. But, why must we insist that all stay only on the physical plane in order to be “functional” or happy? A soul with the super-power of dementia gets to wander through the dimensions of Imaginarie and Memory, perfectly content to enjoy their living off world. Sure, their physical body needs to be cared for so that they may return to this physical dimension as often as they may to revisit those of us still more present here. Yet, be merciful. The boarders and transit places where the unseen dimension connects with the physical world are bumpy places with harsh realities. The transition there can be quite uncomfortable, causing grumpiness, anger, and pain to a fragile soul. Handle with Grace.

But, just because a soul can traverse places in the universe that are beyond the physical realm and what we can taste, touch, see, hear, and smell… doesn’t mean they are less worthy of Love or care.

If we may offer our assistance, not to try and chain such souls to our present physical realm, but to care for their bodies as they travel elsewhere, then sit with them and help them understand where they’ve been, then perhaps we will learn more than we might ever imagine.

Now, for a soul who is born with or has developed the ability to traverse many dimensions (being: Physical, Memory, Light, Dark, Imaginarie, Soul-part, Alternate Reality, and the Humble unknown…), these souls my not understand what’s happening, nor be able to journey with ease at first. Like a toddler learning to walk it takes a lot of falling down to get the power to travel like this. Also, like the Fictional Marvel Comic “Mutant,” who at puberty suddenly finds scary and strange things happening to them that hurts others; or even a “super hero” who doesn’t realize the extent of their power as it grows; being a soul with mental anguish and emotional distress is just that: full of anguish and distress. What if we granted these souls the freedom to practice and discover their abilities with CREATIVE POSITIVE expression? Yes, it will get messy. Sometimes, it may even get dangerous.

But, I long for the day when we stop trying to box up such souls, deadening their wonder and power with drugs. My heart craves for the day when creative souls who have traveled other dimensions and found themselves captured by the dark dimension, may be set free from anguish and distress. Instead, living free to absorb the Light Dimension with Love, Joy and Peace they may be empowered to take their brand of Light into all the world and realms around them.

Do not chain the soul who wanders.

SET US FREE so we may pioneer the way for you to follow after; Going where no soul may have traversed before: to Infinity and Beyond…