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I take a brief pause in the tale, “A Summer of Barbaric Shenanigans,” to contemplate and delight in the story of my healing. Where and how is it that I have been fully healed from mental illness and emotional darkness? How is it that I am healed and free from my addictions? What wonder is this miracle that I know in my life; transformed?

I Praise in the Presence of the LORD.

A Psalm of Praise (by Gregga J. Johnn)

Abba Father, let me fall away into Your Presence.

Holy Spirit, carry me away into Your flow.

Jesus, my Christ, gather me into Your Self.

Your Presence, O LORD, is all I desire

For You are most beautiful.

Your holiness is my gift and my comfort.

In You, I sense all things hidden

From this harsh physical world.

In You, I can see all that You show me;

Being great mysteries!

You keep shrouded those things

That are too much for me to bare –

Until I am ready and able

To walk in them.

As the darkness [Satan] ever keeps

His eye trained upon me,

Watching all You perform

Through my life,

To see where he may hinder and destroy

Your good will;

Such plans, of Your good will,

Are, also, kept classified away from my vision,

So, they may come to pass

Apart from the enemy’s interference.

In all this, I rest in my trust of You.

You are my sole delight and comfort,

The solid foundation upon which I stand,

The secret covenant in which I am kept secure.

You are all I desire.

In You I delight, continually.

If I had not taken my delight in You,

I would still be stuck in

The captivity of my addictions.

My thoughts would still be mired

In the tangle of desperation and disgust –

Disgust with myself.

YET, in You,

Highest Divine and Almighty Creator,

In You, in You, precious kept in You

Is my delight.

In delighting in You,

You delight Your Self in me,

And You impart Your delight in me.

As such, my thoughts become

Your thoughts.

Your thoughts are delightful.

My thoughts become transformed

As delightful.

All my desires become Your desires.

My very desires, the things that I seek after,

The very things I want,

Are become Your thoughts.

As all Your thoughts are toward

Delighting in me –

I come to delight in myself.

You then give to me all that I long for,

As all that I long for is in You.

You give me You.

You don’t stop there!

You keep giving Yourself continually,

For You are unending.

The depth and breadth and length of You

Is unfathomable.

You give me Eternity to delight in

Exploring You!!

I begin to see You everywhere.

I see You in everything.

I hear You in a baby’s laugh.

I feel You in the gentle caresses of the breeze.

I see you in a raging forest fire;

Mighty and terrifying in

Your inexhaustible and unstoppable Presence.

Yet, this fire only destroys

The temporary distractions

That take away from Your Glory.

That which remains after the fire

Is purified and precious,

Brand new, beneath the death,

New life sprouts in fresh new growth.

Praise the LORD,

You are continually good.

I see You in the patient authority of Man

Who sets out to pursue and defend freedom.

I see You in his humility and passion.

DESIRE is ever Yours,

HUNGER, for all that delights and is pleasing, –

This is You, longing to bring us above

The base, temporary distractions,

Raising us into the


Hallelujah, Alleluia, Amen & AMEN.