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A BROADER PERSPECTIVE where there is cause for concern in miscommunication.

I’ve spent the last two decades fighting against a cold and judgmental “righteous” attitude in the modern Christian Church. I’ve also spent the same two decades desperately trying to BE love and prove that not all who love Elohim are cold or presumptuously judgmental. There is success and failure on both ends.

From this perspective, I would like to tackle a scary and dangerous miscommunication about Donald Trump’s Presidency. Bear with me, if you will?

Let’s begin by taking a breath. Pheooowwww.

I’m attempting to speak to everyone in Grace, on all sides of this powder-kegged debate.

Some are hailing Donald Trump as God’s man, bringing Jesus back into the White house. Others are declaring him the worst possible representation of goodness in humanity. Both have truth to them, yet I don’t think that is the point to focus on.

From the Biblical side (and I’ll be switching around a bit so stick with me), remember when Joshua asked the Messenger from Heaven,

“Are you for us, or for our adversaries?”

And the Angel of the Lord said,

“No; rather I have come now as captain of the army of the Lord.” [Joshua 5:15]

God is not on a side here!!! He is for Heaven on Earth.

From a Historical perspective, we all know how every side in religious wars claim to have the divine right to fight, but the end result is just a lot of dead people.

God is for us! He’s not against us, or on one side or another. That means He’s for everyone. Peace on Earth and goodwill toward all humanity.

So, if we can all step back a moment from the lines drawn in the sand…

Prophetically, Donald Trump has been proclaimed to be like a Trumpet of God. He’s certainly loud enough, lol. And, yes. I do believe God can and will use our President to bring more of Heaven on earth. Just like God spoke through Barack Obama when he sang “Amazing Grace” over us, like a loving father consoling and comforting the Nation. (That was my personal favorite moment of his presidency.)

God always uses our leaders to bring more of Heaven on Earth. That is Elohim’s desire:

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth [in the same way] as it is in Heaven.”

But, my caution here is to hold back on judging that this means Donald Trump is a man of God. That is yet to be seen. We don’t know his heart, only God does. We only know the outward actions he has done in the past … and they are pretty atrocious, as far as compassion, and grace are concerned.

Can God use the profane and atrocious?

He’s using me. I have been a crazy, mentally imbalanced, faithless, cheating, unkind, cold-hearted ice queen, beotch. And when I was at my absolute worst, I gave up and asked God to take over my miserable life. He did. And look at what He’s done in me! I am now known more for my speaking out for Grace and Love than I was for my total insanity. (Which I was.) I now have peace.

Pause again.

Now to my fellow followers of Jesus, may I give this gentle warning…. Remember Saul.

We, like the Israelites have demanded a Godly President to rule us. But, I caution you, before you start proclaiming Trump as Godly. (Do pray for his humility and right standing with God and with the Nation.) Yet, before we start stating to a world that doesn’t know Jesus, that the man who is currently more known for his profanity is the representative of WWJD (that we hope he will become) have a SELAH pause. King Saul was given, ordained by God, as ruler of the Israelites. But, many of his choices as a leader were pretty awful. You know they were. He was plagued with jealousy and contention.

It was not until after his rule that the Man after God’s own heart came into power, and even he did some dreadful things. And then humbled himself for forgiveness.

I’m NOT saying President Trump is like King Saul, or that he won’t be a man after God’s heart. I hope he will grow into that. I hope we all may. I’m merely asking that we wait and see how he will continue, and hope in a miracle. That’s the business of Heaven, anyway; Miracles.

For those who don’t hold much stock in the Bible (if you’ve even read this far), please do not think the President’s behavior is automatically all condoned by God. He is still human, just like you and me. We are all susceptible to good choices and bad choices and choices that someone else won’t like. When we disagree, I ask only that we do so with respect, dignity, and Grace for everyone involved.

The USA is a greater community of diversity. God is on Heaven’s side, seeking out whom He may favor with Grace and Peace. Goodwill is open to everyone. All we need to do is invite Heaven into our lives on Earth. The President did that at his inauguration, by including Jesus in prayers in that ceremony. So, he has done his part in inviting Heaven into politics, again.

Just remember, things rarely change overnight. They can. But don’t be surprised if this journey is long and tumultuous. Continue to stand for your beliefs, whatever they are. Do so in strength of will, full of Grace for all humanity.

And when you see a human make a mistake or a choice you don’t agree with, REJOICE, because we all have the freedom to do so, and to pursue our own happiness.

Let us pursue bringing Heaven to Earth, however that looks for you. May we focus on sharing Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and the Self-discipline to remain in only these attitudes, in all that we do.

Carry on, my wayward sons and daughters and let us all make our home greatly beautiful for this present and beyond.


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