**DISCLAIMER** Organic Writing in process as I blog my tales in, A Summer of Barbaric Shenanigans, a chapter at a time.

Some of the stories I write are drafted, edited, left fallow, and pressed over, again and again, before anyone ever sees the work. I use this process before publishing a story in book format. I’ve been doing this alone these last 3-4 years. During that time I have published ten books, often having to re-publish further edited drafts as I find more things to fix in the finished process.

I apologize if this seems unprofessional, by my resources have been at zero all this time. Thus, it really has only been me, fumbling along, figuring it all out, on my own.

This blog style of story is a different writing process,in that, I write a chapter in the morning, let it sit the afternoon, then edit and post it in the evening. Obviously, there are still mistakes that slip through the cracks. I intent to catch them all and re-work the story before publishing it in book format.

But, here, you can follow along with the story as I write.

I did this once before with The Forgotten Mermaid, that’s now available on Amazon and Kindle.

My progress as an author is seeing much growth and I’m becoming better able to acquire assistance in the editing and proof-reading process. I look to be more “professional” in my book publishing in the future.

Yet, as we go, please remember to never not do something because you can’t do it perfectly. BY ALL MEANS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE, but don’t let missing the mark, or the growth process hinder you from DOING IT.

Get out there and live your dream. I am. And you seem to be kind enough to appreciate that with me. Thank you.

All my sincere, love and grace to you,

Gregga-Joy Johnn.