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A Barbaric Summer of Shenanigans

Chapter 5

Filly drove her rental with windows wide open to the therapy of blowing air. Her music was turned as loud as it could go without distorting or breaking the speakers, and her voice echoed off the cavern walls that slunk by quickly in the darkness.

Not all the under regions of Kentari were weathered as they were in the central Trevel Underlands. The civilized Trevel kept all Underways slick with HDP so that any weather patterns and design may be edged into the cavern walls, lined by their water-plastic tech. The darkest deeps crackled in the sunshine from above, when the Hydro-plano mechanics were charged with connecting energies. It was an easy process that captured imitations of upland weather and transferred them through connections of air to water to HDP upon the cavern ceilings and walls.

Filly could think of no reason for the Kentari to keep some areas of their Underlands cavernous and dark. When she made this inquiry with the Hotel Standard’s guest desk, the Master of the Hotel smiled and gave his reply with a wink,

“Because we can.”

That seemed to be the underlying reason for most of the Kentari lifestyle. It suited Filly. Thoughts of staying out here and not returning home began to whisper in her heart, like a flirtatious lover.

She scrolled through all the radio stations, looking for another song that struck authenticity in her heart. But, it was mostly commercials and talk shows. She turned the noise off a while to listen to the music in the wind.

Her head and heart took over the conversation.

“Tonight, you need to try and just relax. No more resisting the waves of power that flow over you. Try enjoying them instead.”

“But, it’s embarrassing, having practical orgasms in public like that.”

“Maybe no one will notice?”

“They will if my legs collapse beneath me.”

“Then only open a little, practice managing the spasms.”

“That might make them easier to keep controlled.”

“Not controlled.”

“No, that’s not the right word. Um… facilitate.”

“Yes. Facilitate the flow.”

She shuddered in nervous apprehension remembering all the nights she cried herself to sleep, alone in the agonies of wracking spasms. Since drinking Dragon Tears on her inauguration into public office as the cities Oracle, the overwhelming power of Love that claimed her coursed through her soul in yin and yang fluctuations.

Sure, it was all well and good to use the power of Love to hold back the dark tides of fear and hatred that slunk through the energies of the night. But the flip side of being a channel of such power, was learning how to manage all of it. After all, she was still part physical in her being. And that physical woman longed with a fierce loneliness in the overwhelming love; with none to share it. Leadership was a heavy burden to bear. Finding one to share her life and give her the freedom to continue doing as she must, was most difficult.

Many men were eager to share life with her, or at least share her bed. In the early days of Temple service, she took advantage of that. Yet, the wild, unharnessed nature, already inherent in her, caused an imbalance in these actions. Filly admitted, in her maturity, that her wild ways gave into recklessness, instead of wisdom. The result was an addicting habit that began to control her. Sex became a weapon and tool of destruction to her own soul.

It took many long… loooooong days, weeks, months and years to regain her independence from such controlling behaviors. Now, the tendencies toward temptation in those areas was still strong, yet, they no longer controlled her. Well, they didn’t control her because she gave them no room to do so. Yet, now she was considering giving a little leeway to such. Was it wise to dabble with an old darkness? Or was this journey, her growing to manage herself with more freedom? Tonight, would be a test of that.

Pulling into the parking area, Filly saw the “Bellanie”, the Ragefall air transport and parked in front of her. It was dark inside. Filly would never dark to knock on their private quarters. She respected the need for home privacy too much for that. Besides, she was just another fan.

She smiled and left the new scroll in the transport’s seat. She’d fetch it later; the picture she’d drawn for them. For now, her nerves were shaken enough. Standing and looking at her reflection in the transport window, she breathed her insecurity. It had been so long since she’d gone out, dressed as she felt most comfortable and beautiful, with no expectations on her, only her own delight as the goal.

Filly messaged Kaid earlier that day, when he asked if her presence was to be expected.

“I will be there, dressed to the best! It’s been too long since I’ve gone out for my own pleasure. Thanks for making a place where I can do that.”

“Awesome. See you then, all dressed out!” he replied.

She adjusted her coat. It wasn’t for warmth that she wore it, as it was sheer and entirely see-through. But it gave her an extra layer of security over the corset, abundant cleavage, and tight jeans that were underneath. She giggled.

“I love dressing up.” She said to herself, then she furrowed her brows knowing what she must expect.

The sad reality was that in a tavern environment, the likelihood of others who liked her dressing up, might take her “exhibition,” as invitation. When in fact she wasn’t showing herself off for others. She just enjoyed pretty corsets. Poo on anyone who thought anything different.

Still, she kept a wary eye out for any who might take advantage. Perhaps someday a feminine form might be able to go out into the night without worrying about getting raped. It was a hope and a dream, but it wasn’t a reality yet.

That wasn’t going to stop Filly having fun though. She sauntered in, with her mask of confidence held high. (After all, only her own insecurities and a couple of men fluttering her heart, made her nervous.)

The bouncer at the door took her money, stamped her hand and smiled slyly at her, not trying too hard to keep his eyes level with her face. She smiled boldly back at him and left him behind.

Angel Bryte and a couple of other ladies she’d met at the last concert were already at the bar laughing.

“Hey!” the cheer rose unanimously.

Hugs were shared. Everyone was excited. It promised to be a good night as the energy was already high. Filly let out a little nervousness and confessed to feeling awkward in her slinky outfit.

The gurls scolded her,

“You’re gorgeous. Flaunt that shyte.”

Filly fiddled with her sheer coat.

“You should take that off, hon. It’s too warm in here for that.”

She wanted too, but that nagging self-consciousness needed more encouragement. Gurl-friends were just the medicine for that.

“I don’t want anyone thinking the wrong thing.” Filly hinted

Angel insisted,

“You don’t need it and who cares what anyone else thinks. Fek them.”

Filly smiled and breathed relief,

“Fek them.” She took the coat off and relaxed more.

Ionny almost bumped into her as he was dashing about setting up.

“Oops! Hey! How’re you?” He gave her a big hug.

“Hey back!” Filly smiled in connection.

“Not too bad, not too bad. Glad you could make it.” He said.

“I’m glad to be here.” She replied.

The group chatted a few more moments as Ionny waited for the bartender to fetch his drink.

“It’s a hot one tonight.” He sighed.

“It’s a bit cooler outside,” Filly suggested.

“Yeah, I’ve gotta go and get some more stuff, anyway.” And he moved to leave.

Angel added,

“I need a smokey break.”

They all adjourned to the front terrace. Ionny joined up with Vilhelm, hugs were had among the gurls again, and the gents went off to continue setting up.

A small crowd gathered in the cool air, nattering and smoking. Filly sat quietly, trying not to notice some of the stares. One large, not-so-gentleman, stopped mid walk and stared openly at her chest.

“Oh my gawd!” he proclaimed loudly. “Those are amazing tits.”

Filly swallowed her horror and smiled graciously,

“Thank you.”

“Can I touch them?” he asked eagerly.

“No.” Filly squeezed another gracious smile over her pain.

“Well, you always gotta ask.” He insisted and walked passed her, staring as much as he could.

Filly laughed it off and made an accommodating comment,

“Well, they are right out there.”

But inside, she sighed and wished the ground would swallow her up.

She blinked back the tears. Why couldn’t she just enjoy a fun night out without having to bat down assholes. It wasn’t her fault her boobs were that size. Yes, she hoped that someday, one man would be entirely enamored and carried away by the wonder of them. But, not without effort and commitment on his part, did she want to allow such, anymore. Those days of free sex were behind her. They had shattered her. She was recovering.

“But, that man can’t help being an ignorant jerk. He didn’t know what she wanted.” The passivist voices in her head justified his behavior. Filly gave him the benefit of the doubt.

The concert began quickly with another band. Filly tried to enjoy them. They weren’t bad musicians, but the energy that flowed from them was full of hatred and vengeance. It made her sick, so she moved toward the bathroom for relief.

That same oversized non-gentleman was standing by the door. He stared at her as if mesmerized. His head leaned downwards, drawn towards her chest. It was only her quick movements, twisting sideways that stopped him faceplanting into her cleavage. Filly began to get mad. The bathroom was a quiet sanctum to regain her calm. The she walked straight passed the bar, trying to get outside to the cool air again.

But, he cut her off.

“Seriously, those are amazing.”

Filly grimace and kept walking.

“You sure I can’t touch ‘em?” his face leered downward again.

Filly stalked silently out of the bar, leaving him in the crowd. She fumed. Her evening was ruined. All she wanted was to spend time with friends and that skudbucket was stopping her.

But then Filly stopped. She wasn’t going to give one person that much control over her.

“In a crowded bar full of ruffians and scallywags, there in ONLY ONE idiot. That was a remarkably good ratio.” Filly smiled.

“It won’t take much to avoid him in a crowd this size.” She determined with a happy grin.

“Poor sod. What insecurities must he have to spend such effort on building up the pure muscle of his physical frame, when a couple blobs of flesh held so much sway over him. It was pathetic, really.”

Filly laughed at herself and relaxed with more friends outside, until the music died down inside and the Ragefall gents began setting up on the stage. She then joined the few eager fans who quickly flanked the stage to get their favorite view. The center is where Filly took up her stance. Angel Bryte and Teira stood on her left, in front of Vilhelm playing his bass for sound check.

Angel glanced furtively across to the other side of the stage where Ionny was getting his sound arranged.

“I can never stand in front of him when he’s playing.” She confessed waving her hand to fan herself.

Filly smiled,

“His talent is powerful.” She agreed.

They giggled in shared appreciation. Tiera joined in, pretending to wipe the drool from her own lips. It was fun to delight in men.

“I appreciate men, like I appreciate art,” Filly joked, “I love to stand and look at it, basking in the beauty and greatness of it.”

The other gurls grunted in agreement as they all watched the Lords bending over the stage, getting everything arranged well.

“But,” Filly continued, “that doesn’t mean I want to pull it down off the wall and take it home at the end of the night.”

They all laughed loudly.

“Then you have to deal with them.” Angel screwed her nose up at the thought of such a mess.

“And feed them.” Tiera pointed out.

“Oh god, no. I have enough trouble feeding myself!” Angel laughed.

The silly camaraderie lifted Filly’s spirits. She told the gurls,

“I’m going to relax and just enjoy myself tonight. I won’t be holding the empathic waves back. I’ll just let them flow and see what happens.”

“Whassup mema frakkahs!” Nichols yelled his interruption.

And the power of music and incarnate joy exploded from the stage.

It was an exhausting set for Filly as she danced and reveled in the energy. Occasionally, she grabbed Angel’s hand to steady herself when a full body spasm threatened to make her fall over. Together the girls counted through the number of times the empathic powers took her to climatic moments of trembled meditation.

The visions and wonders that Filly saw fill her mind in the incense of song, was better than any hallucinogenic drug she’d heard about. The muse descended upon her in wave after wave. She lost consciousness of the physical world and danced upon the stars.

By the time the set was over, she and Angel counted nine full spasms. The woman of ecstasy was embarrassed again, but she was getting used to that feeling and ignored it. Sweating and breathing heavily, she found a seat near the back to recover.

The Lords of under Olland joined the crowd by the back table, signing autographs and chatting with everyone as family. The energy of the evening was still strong and Filly had another couple of smaller spasms, just sitting there.

Ionny sat next her and she considered telling him about her reactions, but was too shy.

But, then another powerful spasm rocked through her and she had to hold onto the table to not fall from the stool. She looked up and saw that Kaid was suddenly sitting across the table from her, behind the pillar. She smiled at him, wondering how long he’d been there.

Kaid skootched over and asked her point blank,

“So, what did you think?”

He was genuinely curious, almost cautious, to see if she liked them or not.

Filly baulked. She couldn’t say!

“Um… do you really want to know my reaction?” she hesitated.

“Nooooo.” Kaid’s confidence crumbled a little. “You thought it was terrible?”

“No. No, not at all… It’s just…”

Filly leaned over and whispered in his ear,

“I enjoyed it so much I had nine orgasms while listening to you, and another three sitting here, trying to recover.”

“Oh my god! Oh My God!” Kaid exclaimed. “You can’t leave this information in only my hands. You have to tell someone else. I can’t bear the weight of this news on my own.” He laughed in delight.

Ionny leaned in,


Filly blushed and whispered it to him, as well.

He looked at her in wonder.

“That’s the best compliment I’ve ever heard.”

“What’s all this?” Vilhelm shuffled in to see what the commotion was about.

“You gotta tell him.” Kaid insisted.

The cat was done and the bag no longer existed, so Filly smiled in shy delight, laughing good naturedly at herself and the weirdness of it all. She leaned in and whispered the same in his ear.

“Nine Orgasms!” the red Viking yelled. “That’s awesome.”

Filly mildly wished the floor might swallow her, again. But the men were caught up in their enjoyment. They weren’t creepy or gross about it. They were just thrilled.

Nichols came over and Kaid encouraged again,

“We all have to know.”

So, Filly explained herself to the Lord of Olland and he held up his hand in a high-five congratulations, as if such empathic reactions were to be expected and reveled in.

The overloading of emotion in Filly’s systems reacted like a drug in her mind and she became bolder than she might have in a quieter moment.

“May I have your autograph, Kaid?” Filly smiled in cheeky innocence.

“Sure,” the Chamberlin agreed and readied his pen, “what do you want me to sign?”

Filly winked at him and looked down to her exposed cleavage.

Kaid did not hesitate to sign his name across her left breast.

“My first boob signing!” He laughed loudly.

Another girl joined in the fun and had all four Regents sign hers. Filly kept the rest of herself to herself though.

“I have something else for you all.” She suddenly remembered, then dashed out to her vehicle.

The men were packing their equipment in the trailer when she met back with them. Kaid hugged her again with a big smile and went back to the jigsaw puzzle of putting everything away. She handed the new scroll to Nichols and he was just as thrilled to receive it as the last time.

How comforting to meet gentlemen who appreciated her brand of weird and embraced her as family and friend. Filly felt more at home with these mates than she’d felt in a long while.

Her own energy was still high as she drove home in the rainstorm. It was thundering outside as much as Ragefall had thundered inside. Filly considered the correlation with a knowing smile.

She slept solidly in her bed at the Standard when she finally made it home. I was a good night, indeed.

Pre-exposition Letter by the Scribe

Chapter 6