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A Barbaric Summer of Shenanigans: Pre-tale exposition Letter by the scribe.

For reasons left out of this tale, the modern Trevel Oracle of Atlantis, a royally appointed High Priestess, took refuge in the far-reaching outlands of badassery. The barbaric realm of Kentari was considered unruly and anarchic, by all civilized accounts. But civilized rules often mistake passion for recklessness and Kentari was not just a nation, or a location; it was a lifestyle.

In ancient days, Trevel civilization danced and made war around the Upland cultures. It began with the Tower of Babel, when the Bacht left their divine calling to roam the world in confusion and chaos. At least that is how the Trevel report it. They were the ones who came up with the whole scheme of sky reaching architecture. They still resent being thwarted by those who hold no power over the universal energies, (or any external Divine favor they may receive). It is baffling what may occur when the human (Bacht) spirit takes over.

The Trevel did not respond well to being rejected by a lesser creature. They were already a nation of lost beings; their origins wiped from mind and heart. So, they began to wander the world, divided among the foreign languages, and set themselves up as guides. The more ambitious of them, declaring themselves gods.

All their greater tales of heroism and desperation are still told in Bacht folklore. Yet, where truth and fantasy blend is a mystery discovered only by the most tooth-brushed archaeological care. But, an overall consideration of history highlights possibilities from the Assyrians and Babylonians, to the Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires. These are the civilized Trevel operating in the guise of gods, manipulating both the energies and the humans of the world.

They made their power felt in back handed games and wrecked their havoc in pride filled disgust, that such powerless Bacht might choose to not worship their obvious superior abilities. Worse still, was when the Bacht simply chose to cease believing in their existence entirely.

The wisest and most civilized of Trevel saw this prophesied early on. When the first Oracle of Atlantis foretold of times to come, where the Bacht would live entirely on their own merit without Trevel influence, they staged the disappearance of an entire culture. You know the story of the disappearing island. But it was much more than that. All the Heroes, monsters, and faerie loves that dwell now, only in imagination, were once the reality of Upland Earth. In this modern age, they house themselves in majestic Underland Halls. Occasionally, they still reach up to influence the unbelieving.

It is of this modern Trevel that I tell my tales. For I have lived in the Underlands and seen their majesty, even in the eyes of those Upland. This modern age still has an Oracle of Atlantis, to whom many look for divine guidance. Yet, were you to speak to her yourself, she might deny divinity, but for being the channel and scribe of such. Her name is Filly. Her past is shady and may be glimpsed at elsewhere.

But, here, I will share with you the tale of one summer, when she left the Hallowed Underland Halls of Trevel civilization, and went to live among the barbaric Underland realms in Kentari. Yet remember, the barbarism of the Kentari life is called that only by those on the outside. If you are Kentari in your own heart, you may hold another truth close.

Thus, it was that Filly resided with the outcast Trevel, hidden in the cold north. She spent many careless days enjoying the freedom of living without imposed restraint. It was a life considered barbaric by others, yet full of family and pure heart once you delved beneath the rough surface. For the Kentari are descendants of ancient Celtic, Norse, and alternative folk tales. Alternative, that is, to the Greek and Roman legends in the mid-south.

When the southern Trevel retreated down under to the tropical realms, the northern Trevel cared not a stitch to bind themselves to this new civilized living; especially when the civilized Trevel attempted to tame them from wild Barbary.

One example of this (my personal favorite), was when the engineers and architects of the new civilized Atlantis and Lemuria were sent as ambassadors to the outlands of Kentari, to help those poor sods better themselves. Those poor sods not only threw the ambassadors to the wildebeests, but they took their blueprints to twist and better them in design. Many still cannot understand how it is that the inverted Kentari cities stand. It is a secret closely guarded.

That is why, to this day, the stunning circle cities of civilized Trevel are mirror imaged in Kentari, as upside down. The capital of Kentari, Under Olland, is the greatest feat of this kind. (I think perhaps Dante may have visited there on a darker day, with a shaded perspective.)

Lemuria and Atlantis are white cities with a winding road traveling from the lowest and widest circles of dirty poverty, up through the mid-range dwellings, finally reaching the High sets, with holy palaces and temples at the central tops.

Olland, and other Kentari cities, however, are inverted. They are built with dark colored stone and have their ground entrance upon the mid-levels, under the overhang of the upper roads. Traveling upward is moving through the wider circles, still housing the more common folk. Traveling downward takes one deeper into the earth on a spiral that funnels to the central dwellings of prestige and leadership. This imagery expresses the attitude of the Kentari who delight in ridiculing civilization for the facade that it truly is.

The modern Oracle of Atlantis, took her retreat to Kentari. She went without fanfare and traveled simply as Filly. Few who met her during this time even knew of her home position. This anonymous freedom refreshed and revived the heart of the woman who held back the Darkness in the night.

She roamed about as a transient artisan and met many others muses like herself. This story reveals one such season of gypsy shenanigans. It revolves mostly around a group of musicians that caught her attention. She saw in those four Kentari more than they even saw in themselves. This band of bards raged as an autumn storm bringing both restoration, refreshment, and devastation to any who stood in their way.

They were the Lords of Ragefall, the Regents of Olland.

These Regents lead their wild Kentari companions in revels and judgments of reckless wisdom. For while no Trevel is better than any other in Kentari, those who better themselves are lifted above and looked to, for inspiration.

The Kentari lifestyle holds to the motto,

“No ruler over all, but all ruling over themselves.”

While this theory did not always work in practice, resulting in brawling and debauchery, the freedom of Liberty was more important and many died to give others the right to be stupid or wise.

The Lords of Ragefall played their music like a modern Bacht might live as a Rockstar. Their caravan roamed the wilds visiting villages, smaller towns, and gracing larger cities with their storm of sound. While on stage, they were the muse of Incarnate Joy. When off stage, they were men of judgment and many flocked to their leadership. Whether they were men of sound judgment and good leadership, will be decided by the history books.

For now, this is just the story of that one summer when Filly joined an artisan caravan. There she met (along with many others), the Lord Regent of Olland: Nikols Ragefall, his brother Vilhelm, their Chancellor Iyonn Kays, and Chamberlin Kaid Rymket.

That year, the Ragefall storm blew throughout all Kentari, flooding everywhere with their joy-infused, muse inspiration.

May you enjoy this tale as much as I enjoyed playing it.scribe-filly

Sincerely and with wild abandon,

Your scribe, Filly.


Published book TBA