​There was once a lovely, green hillside inhabited by a large flock of sheep. These sheep were the best, fatest, and most abundantly wooled sheep in the land.

But, a great danger had arisen within the flock. Sheep were being eaten over night and the sheep suspected a hidden danger.

They gathered together to try and find the problem. They argued many days and became greatly divided.

The sheep dog barked at them and nipped their heels to keep them in line. He was crass and rude. Many believed he was too dangerous to be trusted, especially with the younger lambs. He could eat one! 

And it was true. The sheep dog was dangerous to the sheep. But what many sheep didn’t see is that he was dangerous because he was diligently routing out the wolves who had hidden themselves in sheep’s clothing. 

The wolves had been hidden among the sheep for so long that the sheep didn’t even notice their strange smell. In fact it became a joke. All leader sheep smell funny, kinda like wolves, hahaha. But, the sheep dogs barked and nipped at them, trying to separate everyone and rout out the dressed up wolves.

Many other sheep pointed out the paws under the wool clothing, yet still many sheep saw only how well the wool fit. They heard only how sweet the wolfish sheep spoke. Wolfish sheep said everything the sheep wanted to hear. It became popular to believe the wolfed sheep. And many outspoken sheep gathered close around to protect them.

The sheep dogs barked, jumping on their backs, and tugging at their wool to try and pull off the disguises.

These dogs were loud, obtuse, and behaved nothing like sheep. It upset the sheep deeply. They wanted sheep who acted like sheep, even if maybe they were wolves. After all, the wolves had been living as sheep for so long now that they were best.

And sheep still kept going missing, or showing up mauled. 

This flock made such a noise in their arguing that all the flocks of the land began taking interest. The election of new leadership in the flock on the green hillside became the most important news of the time.

The Shepherd even stepped in to re-establish the true authority of the sheep dogs, much to the shock and horror of the sheep. 

Yet, the sheep dogs would win. They always did. The wolf-sheep were gradually exposed and even though many still wanted someone who looked and acted like a sheep to guide them, that was only keeping the same evil that had devoured the flock for years.

A change was coming. Many wool coats would be discarded and in the shearing, the wolves would be fully exposed.

Who will the majority of sheep trust; the dogs or the wolves?