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Let me speak here in allegorical imagery to share deeper understanding. 

Suppose a teenager is told by his or her father (or mother) that he/she must take out the trash. The teen obeys. Yet, the attitude in which they do this task depends upon the relationship with the parent, their current emotional mood, or the expectation of how the immediate time is best spent. Most often, obedience is grudgingly completed.

Now suppose an employer tells the employee they must take out the trash.  The employee complies. Yet, as with the teen, the attitude of said employee is also pending relational experience, current mood, and job expectation. Such menial tasks are complete without care, or with much consternation. 

In both of these situations, the task is completed out of duty, or because it is the right thing to do, or because it is a requirement of being in that environment. The task MUST be completed for the benefit of everyone, lest trash pile up and invite vermin and disease.

I associate this example with Religion.

Religion is a set of rules that intends to keep us healthy and keep our environment clean and benefiting everyone. This is a good thing! 

But when the parent or boss is abusive, a careless taskmaster, or is selfishly manipulative, then the task becomes the work of a slave or a captive. Sadly, some such people have been found in the position of parent or spiritual leader. 

Destructive leadership doesn’t make the task any less necessary. But it definately makes the task objectionable.

Now, consider the honeymooning couple. They are so caught up in the newness and the wonder of delighting in each other that they take turns, sharing in the menial tasks that benefit them both. In this case, taking out the tash may be competed without thought for the menial drudgery of such a task. Even the smallest thing is a delight to complete when every opportunity to make another smile is your sole purpose and pleasure. 

This is what I associate as a Relationship with Elohim (Creator Father, Redeeming Son, and Comforting Spirit). The love that Elohim has poured out to me, even unto death; the care and protection, the saving freedom to love and see myself as who I truly am (much loved and treasured): these are the qualities that feed my delight to love and serve Him in return. 

I take out the trash in my life; the negativity, selfishness, and arrogance so that my own soul may remain fresh. This leaves no invitation for soul diseases like shame, regret, or anxiety. It leaves no place for the vermin of aggression, vengeance, and malice. And I benefit from this in a healthy life. 

I spend my days delighting in my Elohim as He delights in spending time with me. 

What is your relationship with the One who asks you to take this tash out of your life? What if you, too, could be in love with Elohim, who already loves you.