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​Here is is, the play, “SOS-Save Our Soul.” From the Gregga J. Johnn Showcase back in March at the Artisan Sanctuary in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

This play was lived, written, directed, and starred in by Gregga J. Johnn. It is a very real paraphrase of her life.

After decades of struggle with a deepening mental illness, soul healing is discovered through leaning to trust all parts of one’s own psyche. When Elohim is your counselor and guide, Divine freedom comes with amazing Grace. 

SOS – Save Our Soul

“S.O.S –Save our Soul” is a unique glimpse into the healing of a shattered and “crazy” mind. Diagnosed with mental illness, one writer embraces her crazy, remains true to her faith, and finds solidarity in personal healing.

Her three separate personality facets [Lou, Lara, and Lucy] argue together and learn to trust each other, as they fall in and out of lust looking for love. Elohim [the Voice of God] leads the way through this fun and often profane adventure.

**Language Warning**
{I am fully aware that this is not the best recording. The sound is not the best, and sometimes the video skips to miss a few seconds here and there. Not to mention a rather important technical glitch that occurred on the night. That’s live theater.

 But overall, this is a true and real representation of one tumultuous period in my life. I hope that any who suffer with mental illness can find understanding in this play and hope for their own future. -Gregga J. Johnn} 
For the script of this play and copies of the books mentioned therein, as well as several other books available, and to see all that she is doing, please go to Gregga’s website and get your copies!

Gregga J. Johnn’s website