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A cutting from my current writing project: “Becoming TR3V3L3”, where I show you how to be the best you, you can be, while playing in a fantasy/sci-fi fandom…

**Try, make mistakes, succeed, or fail better than last time: only LIVE each moment. It’s your breath; breathe it.
Life is a journey. Learn, expand, explore, and heal. For we are not here to wallow in regrets and failures. Rather let us seek out, maintain, and pass on restoration in redemption. Emphasize this truth:
Life is not about regret.
Life is about redemption.
Let us therefore, seek to be the best we can be, in each moment, in each choice before us, and accept all consequences of our choices with Grace.
THEN LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND and let go of the baggage that threatens to hold you down. Breathe. Refresh. Renew. Redeem the Time you have, for precious few are the seconds you hold in your hand.
Our choices are merely choices with consequences. Consider the outcome of what-manner-in-which-you-chose-to-live and accept the consequences of those choices.
You will live the life that you create.
I recommend you create a life of positive aspects, for then you will be blessed and live well in the land you are in.
Yes, it will take time, especially if you have been born into, made a victim of, or are already living in the dark consequences or your choices, or the choices of those around you.
But you don’t have to stay in the darkness. Let me show you a way out…