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I recently watched the final episode (season one) of the show, “The Librarians.” The basic plot was: a man cut the time weave on the Loom of Fate so he could go back to the place where everything went wrong in his life, and fix it to be what he wanted.
Haven’t we all felt this way? Have you looked back on your life to that one moment that was the starting point; leading you down a dark and terrifying path? I know I have.
What if I told you, you can make amends for such moments. But, “as all magic/miracles comes with a price,” you may not be willing to make that effort.
I have.
However, let me asure you, things rarely turn out as you expect them to. Here’s a glimpse into how this worked in my life.

I made a choice in my late teens. The choice was wonderful and excellent. But the details of that choice lead me down a path of torment, destruction, and devastation. I look back and see that I could still have made that wonderful choice, just with different details (the devil/dark fate is in the details). Perhaps, then I would not have been so unlucky in my living.
BUT I ENCOURAGE YOU: do not fear the darkness and what effects it may affect upon you. For it is in the dark that we learn how to shine. Life is not about regrets. Life is about redemption.

At first, this dark path was exciting with only a few red flags. But I drank the red cordial and eagerly descended upon my way. In that path, I meet others and joined in their questing.
At each dark fate detail, (for the more you follow dark fate, the more it follows you), I was surprised. Honestly, I made my choices in the beginning with goodly intent!
But, I could not see all the darkness hidden in these choices. They were disguised and kept away from me. I have been the victim of deception. BUT don’t let others defeat you completely. Life is not about regrets. Life is about redemption.
I have learned to let go of the victimization. I chose to not wait for another to rescue me, but became my own hero.
The PARADOX of that last statement is that I did this by surrendering my life to a Higher Love and choosing to walk in those paths for healing. Essentially, what I’m saying is- I stopped waiting for another human to fix my life. Instead, I gave up my life and put it into the hands of Eternal Love. There I healed and learned to overcome chronology.

Again, all miracles and magic come with a heavy price. The difference between these two is that the price of magic must be paid by the user, the victim, or the reciever. Whereas, the price of miracles has already been paid, in the greatest blood sacrifice this world has ever known. Jesus, the only Son of Creator Elohim, was murdered as an innocent. Christ chose to walk that path so miracles can come freely to us.

Of course, miracles are free in Grace, but the working out of that miracle, (call it the healing therapy after the surgery), requires great effort and often comes with great pain. But in THIS we overcome, mightily.

What do I mean?
I am just coming out of fifteen years of darkness; through another five years of healing. Five years of healing! That’s the therapy price I have had to walk through in order to overcome fifteen years of dark fate. It’s been both a long five years and also, barely a blip in Time.

Here, now, I am putting down all the baggage of the last twenty years. I keep with me the lessons leaned. For those are the precious jewels I wear, ornaments and medallions of great price.
Yet, all the heartache, the sorrow, the victimization, the deceit, the well-intended judgment that condemned and paralyzed… all of that, I lay at the feet of my Redeemer. Life is not about regrets. Life is about redemption.
I am chronologically 44 years old. And my body often reminds me of that. But, every day, I practice my therapy of discarding the baggage. (Somedays it’s harder and hurts more than others). Every moment, I take steps on my restored feet to walk, once again, as I did twenty years ago: light-hearted, eager, youthful, and vibrant!
I have become that terrifying idea of an energized 24 year old with all the experience and wisdom of a 44 year old. I have overcome Time. No longer am I a slave to the one way movement of chronology. But now I dance upon the Time weave, stepping where I will.
– A little first love romance here: a wise choice in self control there.
– A playful, childlike barefoot run here: a contemplative sit and breathe there.
All things, choices of delight and wisdom, are mine for the taking.

When I continue to walk this path of Eternal Love, then deception and dark fate flees my presence. For Love shines brilliantly through me. Sure dark attacks and battles still rage, but I continue to rise again, washed in redemption and not held down by paralytic fear.
It is not me that shines. I am merely the vessel. Love shines through, and all who see it are either drawn to bask in this light, or shrink to hide away from it.

Won’t you come and dance with me?
Yes, it will hurt. Yes, it will require your life. BUT, the return reward of healing grace and restoration is far greater in value than anything you will have to sacrifice.
The things you carry with you in this life, permeate your atmosphere. So, let go the stink of negativity and breathe deep the freshness of restoration!

Life is not about regrets. Life is about redemption.