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Dear Atheist, Agnostic, and all who choose to live without, or against, the Ways of “God,” (where God is defined as the Triune Elohim: Creator, Redeemer, and Spiritual Comforter).


First and foremost, let me apologize to you on behalf of my “family,” being all those who call themselves of Christ, or Christian. I am deeply sorry for all the default selfishness, pride, and lust for control that creeps into good intentions. I am just as guilty as anyone. I am so sorry.

I thank you for calling “BS” on this. You know when you see hypocrites. You know BS when you see those who say they love God, but live lives that break, harm, and harshly condemn another’s living. You call it out. Good for you!

You are right and good and just to proclaim these things as false and evil. They are.

The Devil prowls about seeking whom he may devour. His ways are only to kill, steal, and destroy. The Father of Lies is attractively deceptive and many do not even notice him, or see their own selfish controlling faults that seep and sneak into all that we do.

This is why we have Religion; so we may diligently seek out, within our own soul, how we may best live in peace, understanding, and goodwill. This is also the practice of morals and ethics. However, when religion, morals, or ethics are turned outward and imposed upon others – this is where failure explodes!

Thus, I stand before you now, between you and my well-intended brethren. I reach out to offer my apologies for the condemnation, the judgment, and the destruction that has lashed out upon your soul, by broken people.

For we are all broken.

We all need healing.

We all need compassion.

This, I offer to you from the love in my own heart.


With that said, my dearest friends whom I genuinely love, (unconditionally and with sacrifice to my own wants) …

I would like to have a logical, rational, and intelligent conversation (albeit one sided as I am the one writing here, so bear with me if you will). Please lend me your ear with an open heart.

I am a spiritual, metaphysical philosopher. As such, please allow me to use the tool of analogy to speak this Truth that lays heavily upon my heart.

I hear many accuse God of being a petulant child or domineering dictator who demands you live how He says… or else!

I completely understand how this interpretation or perception seems right. I get that you want nothing to do with that. I agree. I don’t want that either.

Now, I promise you that I will not ask you to change your beliefs here, or even ask you to start believing where you currently do not. But I do ask that you simply hear a new idea.

Follow with me on this logical, reasoning analogy:

  • When you crack an egg onto a steaming hot plate, the egg cooks.

This is a basic example of Cause and Effect.

Instead of complaining about the heat applied to the hot plate, or getting rid of the hot plate because it’s dangerous and someone could get burned; we do not accuse the hot plate, we simply accept that that is what it does. A hot plate cooks an egg.

So you use it accordingly and make delicious yummies that sustain, restore energy, and taste great!

Cause and effect: hot plate = cooked eggs.

  • Let’s add humanity to the simple equation of cause and effect.

The problem is, Human Beings are a marvelous development of wondrous complexities. A human cannot help but make complex even the simplest of equations, (no matter how hard we try).

If a human has lived for any extended period of time then they are this crazy, gloriously, wonderful ball of history, environment, and choices that are imposed or expressed. (Yes, I have a very positive outlook, but that is because I actually can see the best in everyone, no matter how crappy they or the circumstances are. Please bear with me still.)

Have you ever considered all the “thinks” in your head and then looked at a crowd, realizing that every individual in that crowd has a “bajillion of thinks” whirring around in their own heads? It’s mind blowing.

So, here we are: glorious, wondrous, masterful, devastating humanity; operating in cause and effect.

Here’s my example:

Typical nature implies (and has been proven throughout history) that if you smack someone in the face, odds are very likely, they will smack you back.

But, the Smacker is a myriad ball of history, environment, and choices that means there is an infinite amount of reasonal* causes for this Smacker to have smacked the Smackee. [*I may have created a new word there, please go with me on it.]

Then, the Smackee is also a myriad ball of history, environment, and choices that means there is an infinite amount of responses this Smackee my effect back to the Smacker.

Phew! We are complex. Aren’t humans grand?!

Now, if the natural response is to give back what was given: smack for smack, then we know how this cycle ends.

The goal of the mature human is to rise above, or delve deeper, and to go beyond what is the natural, simple cause and effect. We seek to be humanly responsible to either:

  • Not smack in the first place,
  • Walk away, or
  • Turn the other cheek, allowing the necessary (or unnecessary) smack that happens to absorb the cause, that then effects the opposite response, (in whatever manner the Smackee choses, based on their myriad ball of self).

We attempt to rise above the natural, not abandon it completely, but use it as a stepping stone to go further, be better, and grow more.

The point is, we are human and nothing is just that simple. There is too much going on in each individual that needs to be addressed before anything can be reduced to only this = that, cause and effect.

So, we get it. People are perplexing and “stuff” happens.

We’re learning though, that when the “stuff” happens, often the best response is to wash the “stuff” off, or go pile it in the garden as a fertilizer, so wondrous things will grow out of it in the future. Because if you don’t, you’ll just end up covered in, and living in the “stuff” of life. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

What does this have to do with a new idea about God?

  • Let’s go back to that first hot plate egg analogy, add humans, and then add an infinite, divine, Being.

If we as humans are so dazzlingly complex, then a God who claims to have created us is, therefore, going to be even more eternally complex than we can possibly conceive.

But let’s simplify as best as we can for the sake of clarity. (I’m game for the challenge. Are you still with me?)

When God says,

“Live My way and you will be blessed.”

He’s not actually being petulant or dictatorial. That is what our natural response would make it seem to be. But that is only because we don’t understand the myriad ball of Eternity that is I AM.

He is simply saying that (cause) when you live the way you were created to live, then (effect) you will live the best life that you can… and when you let Me help you, you will live even better than you could possibly imagine.

(I personally struggled with this as I have a mighty, large imagination and I can imagine a lot! But Elohim proves to me that He is better at this than I, due to His Eternal size, and I am living a better life because I let Him help me.)

This is the cause and effect that includes all the myriad balls of complication that heap up when humans and then an infinite divine Being is added to a simple equation.

I know there are many voices out there saying, “God is this and God is that,” and most of it is BS. You already know that. It doesn’t take much intelligence to know in your heart that God is good, or at least He should be. Because that is what our internal morals and ethics tell us.

We already know what Life should be. We’re fighting every day for our rights and the rights of others. The devil is in the details. Truly.

So, here’s that new idea I mentioned way back at the beginning:

God is a good, GOOD Creator. He loves us with all His being.

I know you’ve heard that before, but try not to dismiss this as BS along with all the other crap that faulty humans mistakenly (or even purposely) impose on us for whatever cause/effect reason.

Think about it.


What if you are right?

What if this moral and ethical demand in your own soul for justice, the need to be loved, and the right to pursue happiness in freedom for you and your family and all humanity….

What if THAT is God speaking to you!

What if all that is good and right, compassionate and merciful, IS GOD!

What if all the hypocrisy, condemnation, shame, and accusation is actually EVIL?

It’s the devil lying,

“It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.”

Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, whatever you want to call that embodiment of Evil, stands in the “stuff”, flinging it around, perpetuation stink, and distracting us with his appealing charm.

He points to our Loving Creator and says,

“He did it. I don’t exist. In fact, He doesn’t really exist. It’s all you and you won’t exist either, when I am done with you.”

For God loves humanity and Satan hates God. Therefore, Satan hates humanity and uses us to get back at God.

If you see petulance and evil, dictatorial behavior – THAT AIN’T GOD!

Here I stand, just a human, in all my own faults and mess, using what little intelligence I have, to reason with you. I am trying to rise above my mess, so I may connect with the Divine, be redeemed from the darkness that swallows me, and share a LOVING IDEA with you.


Peace and Goodwill be with you in all your own thinks,

And don’t let the stuff stink you out of-

A new idea.


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