Here is my contemplation for January:

On Light and Love [Light being the first Trevel energy and Love being the first Fruit of the Spirit]

Unum session One: Illumination & Love

Praise and Thanks

Breathe into and accept the energy it takes for the sun’s illumination to reach across vacuous space and touch our faces with warmth and light.

I speak out with the illumination of Love. Let that light so shine as to conquer the dark. Yet, when I am found in darkness let me remember that the dark is the best place to shine.

Within the light, let me unravel a rainbow of colors and character traits that are precious and mysterious to the soul’s eye. Let my life radiate the glory of unconditional and unearned love in every facet that it may be found, both seen and unseen.

Let the words of my life be the prism that both expands all goodness and focuses with intense healing upon that which needs the light.

Let the light of truth and loving mercy prevail in all things. For if it be that I have the ability to understand, expound, and partake of all Truth, even unto things that are beyond simple human conception, but still I have no love nor mercy found in the spectrum of my light, then this light is faded and deceptive and worthy of being shut off.

For it is on the beams of mercy and compassion that my light perpetuates Love. It is love that illuminates Truth. It is truth that must magnify Love.

Let the example of my life be a lighthouse upon a hill that shows the way of mercy through the rocks of truth that none be found wrecked or damaged by such harshness, but that all might find their way safely- to Love, through Love, and in Love.

And although the Light may have its season, we cannot appreciate the light lest it first be taken from us in darkness, nor can we comprehend the defeat of darkness without first seeing the miracle of illumination, yet be this so with the cycle of light; in all things, Love never fails.

Make it so to be in me.


Let my confessions of play in the darkness be brought out into the light, not for torment or torture or even right punishment, but that all the evil that hangs itself upon me might be revealed and routed out. Be that evil there by means of abuse as victim, by means of acceptance or absorption of my environment, or by my own designs; let that evil come forth and be found in the light of truth.

I submit to the Light the selfish justifications of my own desires. The times when, in this life, I secretly pursue my own way for my own purposes, putting myself forward to the detriment and deception of others.

I confess that I am my own worst judge and it is by my own condemnation of myself that I trigger guilt, disgust, and anger within. I confess that when I shine the light upon my own soul, that I find fault first, before anyone else, as I am my own worst enemy.

I submit to the light of revelation for self-analysis, not self-exposure, lest another well intended, but misunderstanding heart be cruel to me. But I will shine upon my own motivations and intents, a sharp and clear light that I might know my own heart.

I determine to live in a manner that will shine with mercy and compassion on my own and on the lives of those around me.

I will use the light so seek out my own unique pattern and pathways that will lead me to selfless love with abundant grace and compassion in my daily living.

I will learn to love me. I will purpose to love others. I will shine.

Intimate Grace

The words, “Let there be light” echo through Time and I AM (ELOHIM) sees them as Good. Therefore, Elohim declares, “Let there be light” in your life. In and through, for and to you, all light be shone. For it is in you that the reception of love is made complete.

I, the Creator Elohim, have created you to be the crowning joy of My glory. I spoke into existence the light that you might see and I might delight in seeing you. I look to you. I look to love you. I look to shine on you, in you, through you, and about you. I look to you to shine My brilliant reflection back to me. I AM loving the beautiful light in you.

As the moon reflects her pure white glow on the darkest of nights, hidden only by vapors on the wind, so you shall reflect the perfection of My love in you, if you will but let Me shine upon you.

There is no prejudice in the light. All are welcome into the light when you step forth, without partiality or condemnation. For My grace is greater than any darkness that might hang about you.

I plead My grace over you. I plead My healing over you. I declare, “let there be Light in you,” and it is. You are My reflection. You are My light and I love you.

Let Me love you.

I have revealed Myself to you. Come, now, and let Me reveal My love completely within you so you and I may dwell together in the completion of love for mercies sake and spread that love throughout all the world about Us.

So let it be. Make it so. Amen & AMEN.


Trevel Unum Breakdown:

Love                Light

Joy                   Electricity

Peace               Air

Patience          Fire

Kindness          Water

Goodness        Fauna

Faithfulness    Flora

Gentleness      Earth

Self-control     Metal


Compassion    Technology

Grace              Blood

Wisdom          Chameleon


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