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Today I begin a new journey.

For a year, I have longed to get back the body I used to dance in. I am a dancer. I’m actually many things; a dancer is only one of them. But, in all that I am, I have been on a long soul journey and I have found much healing.

I have been healed from physical disease, mental illness, and emotional distress. Mostly, my spirit has found healing into Peace and Grace. I cannot truly say when this soul journey began as there have been many stages and seasons.

This is a new season.

After months of sedentary meditation with a writing focus, pouring out the surgeries of my heart into Story, the time has come for me to dance, again.

My soul cries out. My body cries out, loudly, in fact. I spent two days in the kitchen, standing and cooking delicious Christmas foods with my sons and as a result, my body- my back -cries out in pain.

I asked for healing and my gracious God said,

“You know how to claim your healing. Rise up and take it.”

He does not always choose this method of healing. I have been healed instantly from at least one of life’s unhealable diseases. But this time, my Elohim has called me to “workout” my healing with Him.

So, as I was in my bed, in agony, I accepted this healing. I rose up in my pain, with tears in my eyes, and set about to do 15 minutes of slow and gentle Pilates-yoga for beginners.

I made it through and my back has some needed relaxation and ease from tight pain already. Then as I sat in quiet meditation, I saw my way before me.

It is time.

I have waited for this day through illness that caused physical movement to be impossible. I have waited for this day through soul chaos that made no time for such pursuits. But today, my healing has arrived. Today, I take hold of my healing, by the hand, and together we will work health into the manifestation of our daily living.

Today I began that journey.

I’ve already determined to meditate and share the working out of my soul practices all next year. The blog, 2016 Year of Trevel speaks of that. Yet, today, I add another layer to this journey so that it may be more full.

Join me if you will, or simply observe the practice of this journey both soul deep and physically disciplined as I set out to expand my soul and trim down my body.

I will dance again. And I will dance ferociously for Life is fierce and requires great effort. This be my effort for 2016:

~I will trim my body fat down to such a state wherein dancing is enhanced, not hindered.

~I will create endurance in my body that I may sustain dance for performance length periods.

~I will strengthen my body that I may hold and discipline myself through the rigors of fluid movement.

~I will stretch my body to flexibly move with ease, grace, and beauty.

~I will catch my physical body up to the level of health that my soul now graciously dwells in.

I will dance, again and again and again.

So help me, Elohim, my God; Amen & AMEN.

Obligatory “Before” picture… let’s do this. Oh help me, oh help me complete this. 2015 Before