Hello (Adele) after a month+ of quiet…

TREVEL means “at One with the Power of the Universe” and that’s a pretty cool thing to strive to be. So, I’m declaring 2016 to be my year of manifesting this into my life and into the lives of those around me.

In order to do so, I will set aside each month of next year to study, delve into, and practically practice generating the energy (or produce/fruit) of being Trevel.
There are nine9 basic energies in the Trevel universe, with three more, “deeper” energy forces that are not so obvious.

Here, then, is my plan of study and action:
January- Light -Love
February- Electricity -Joy
March- Air -Peace
April- Fire -Patience
May- Water -Kindness
June- Fauna(animal) – Goodness
July- Flora(plant) -Faithfulness
August- Earth(mineral) – Gentleness
September- Metal(ore) – Self control
October- Technology -Compassion
November- Blood -Grace
December- Chameleon(shift within all) -Wisdom

Join me as I pursue to generate and develop these positive aspects of Life into daily living that we may all have unity and dwell together in ONEness with the Power that generates, operates, and creates this, our vast and beautiful universe.

Bacht (powerless one), welcome to the world of the Trevel.
Gregga J. Johnn