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Celebrate the Trevel Holyday Season. Get four books with something for the whole family!! (regularly $34 on Amazon).
Contact me personally at- greggajjohnn@gmail.com -for this special deal that includes shipping.

$30 for personally signed books to cover extra postage.
(USA only. International rates not applicable, but contact me privately. We may be able to work something out.)

Holyday Bundle

7 Stories for 7 Sons is a bedtime story book for Imagineers of all ages. You can follow a cowboy bunny, a genius kitty, merkids, or a magical white buffalo. You can enjoy a spacey picnic or a space race and even fly a paper plane. But whatever you do, be sure to make it home in time for dinner. (Author’s own recommended rating: Family)

The Last Poinsettia is a family Christmas tale where Saint Nickolash and a small band of Leaf Fae seek out whom shall rise as the next Oracle and generate enough Christmas magic to turn red the very last poinsettia plant in existence, thus reviving all lost hope. (Author’s own recommended rating: Family)

The Forgotten Mermaid is a tale of a deadly Siren who sings victims to her wandering island where she satisfies her hunger for vengeance. A sea Captain seeks the mermaid who rescued him as a drowning child. And a ship’s crew escapes their pasts. But one of these players is not who they seem to be.
Set sail on the “Pursuit,” 400 years ago, and chase down a new life that some only ever dream about. (Author’s own recommended rating: YA+)

Diamonds, Beetles, and Lucky at War poses the question, What if I told you that the Sprite Kingdom in the Trevel Faerie world has an army, for which they also have a boot camp called, “Break Camp”?
Would you want to know what shenanigans a few good Sprites can get up to? (Author’s own recommended rating: M15+ for bawdy and profane humor)