An Open Letter,
I love the “geeky, nerdy, dorky” collective of males. And while I’m a hetero woman speaking to hetero men, the principles of what I’m saying will likely span all genders and non-genders.
I love the youthful charm, the delightful passion, the goofy expression of those who are passionate about their talents and loves: be it comic, mini figure, game, or whatever channel of geekery and nerdism you pursue.
I am enthralled by the natural understanding, the intelligence, and the out of the box thinking so many of you posses.
The general consensus is that so many have, in the past, been outcasts. I know I have. And because of that we rise up in fire-forged strength and renewed confidence:
“I know who I am and I like me, darn it!”
There is a surging trend encouraging women to seek out relationships with men of geek/nerd nature because of the precious compassionate, unique thinking, and freedom to be whoever you are, attitudes. I am at the forefront of this trend. Because I think y’all are the best of all men… That’s just how I swing, please don’t judge me. This isn’t for everyone.

But I do have one complaint.

Here’s the thing: y’all men have spent so much time on the sidelines doing your own thing that y’all are clueless as to this creature called woman. And you’re not alone in that.

So, please don’t look at my uniquely feminine ways and get confused or upset because I do stuff different to you.
I’m a girl. I’m not a boy. I’m different.
Don’t complain that I need to be told,
“I love you and I think you’re beautiful” more than once. That’s just how I’m made.
I’m made that way because you love to prove yourself.
Yes, you heard me.
Why do you think we love hero’s and questing so much? Because that which is gained by effort is so much more precious a treasure!
So make the effort.
That’s all we need. At least, that’s all I’m looking for. Not out of selfishness. I’m not saying you need to work hard to repeatedly earn my love, “because I’m worth it.” No. That’s hideous and anyone acting like that is not worth your effort.

I’m saying that, if you prove to me that I can trust you, if you prove to me continually that I am the one you long to be with -and keep telling me that- I assure you, I will give of myself completely and entirely to love, respect, and delight in you and only you. You will be my one, true, chosen hero that I adore throughout all the ages. You will be my king!
But if you want a queen and a questing partner who has your back and fights alongside with you… Please stop complaining that I do things differently to you. It’s the differences about me that keep you fascinated and interested enough to keep learning to love me.
Just saying. It’s a small thing.
But I’m a girl. I’m not a boy.
I’m different.

This is not to any specific person, but to a collective. I don’t know if others feel this way, so this is specifically from me. But as it’s to a collective, this will not cover everyone. There are exceptions to every rule. But this is just what I wanted to say. Thanks for listening. Huzzah!