Yesterday I was privileged to take part in a community celebration of Paul Engle’s birthday. There were art contests, a couple of readings, and some young musicians playing. It was a lovely day.

I am thrilled to announce I won first in one of the art competitions! (More on the exciting development I can now pursue with these winnings later!!)

My art work, “Dimensions” is a five piece art depiction of the various dimensions of the soul (mind, will, and emotions).
The theme for the show was COMMUNITY and my application for this is, “these depict the community of dimensions that we live through our hearts and minds in our lives.”

The are, “The Memory Dimension”


“The Imagination/Magic Dimension


“The Physical Dimension”


“The Light Dimension”


and, “The Dark Dimension”


Paul Engle is quoted as saying,
“The way to praise a poet is to write a poem.” So I wrote a poem in honor of the day…

~To those Who wrote Before,

I’m not such, as to be so vain,
For ingenuity of pen to claim.
May, I rather stay humble
In this word forest, I fumble.
And pursue this beaten track.

To follow those now lain
In cleansing pure the stain
From the pallet of Life’s crumble
Tapping texts writ with mumble
To beat out the slack.

Swift qwerty meats out the grian
Be it against, or with the bane
To feast upon tongue’s bumble
Out weedy words that tumble
In soul chaos beaten back

We write. We fight.
We pass on our plight
To those who write after…

By Gregga J. Johnn
In honor of Paul Engle.

All in all it was a great day!

-Wikipedia’s introduction says,
“Paul Engle (October 12, 1908 – March 22, 1991), noted American poet, editor, teacher, literary critic, novelist, and playwright. He is perhaps best remembered as the long-time director of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and as founder of the International Writing Program (IWP), both at the University of Iowa.”