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I have taken a time-out this week, from my meditation posts to take part in the Jewish “Festival of Tabernacles.”


I am not Jewish, although my soul’s King was and is and is to come.
So, on reading about the Feast of the Tabernacles, I learned the basic premise of the holiday.
It’s a memorial time, remembering when the Israelites escaped their captivity and wandered in the desert wilderness before making it to their Promise Land. It’s also a harvest festival for thanksgiving in the abundance that’s presently enjoyed.

I looked at my life and saw some familiarity. I, too, experienced a long captivity in the darkness and overwhelming slavery to mental illness. I, too, escaped to a desert wilderness as I healed and looked to move into living in my promised life. And, I am, now, privileged to be living my dream with abundant peace and blessings.

It was this remembering that lead me to take time out of my regular pursuits and make a memorial in my life.


I looked back on the mire of what my life was as I slowly developed and fell into mixed-state, multi-cycling Bipolar chaos, held captive by anxiety and addiction (1994-2008).
Then the slog through wastelands of wilderness in my soul as I wandered in redeeming solitude (2008-2012).
And now my continued revelation in complete healing and growth as I expand into living the dreams I have always desired to pursue (2012-now+).

I find myself still lost, only lost in grateful wonder of how this can all be! And how it is indeed, now so very well with my soul.


On the first day of this, my personal memorial festival, I built my own “sukkot” a temporary dwelling (like the nomadic homes the Israelites lived in during their wilderness journey). I spent all day out there contemplating what was and planning new strategies to move into what will be!


The second day, I ran errands to bring home provisions for the well living in this present life. I practiced a grateful attitude in all the little duties, not allowing frustrations to anger, but rather pressing Grace into all that I did. I examined my own life to discover new ways to apply Grace and pass it on to those around me.


User's Ferry Historic Village, where I often perform storytelling events

Today has been spent in deep prayer and meditation, and exposing what it is I am doing, in case there might be any others who should like to follow a similar path of memorial and pursuit of dreams in their own lives.


This week's blood moon eclipse and the contemplation of how may I be a light shining in darkness.

I urge all who read this to find your own way to make a memorial in your life. Look back on the struggles, (be that past or present) and turn your focus to gratefulness and Grace. For it is in the application of Grace that we are freed from miserable expectations. And it is in the passing on of Grace that we pave the way for us to move forward into well living and pursuing our dreams.


Make a memorial of where you have been, take stock of where you are now, and make plans with wise strategies for moving forward into the future.

YES, even YOUR dreams can come true!


Living my dream life of writing and performance.

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