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Should you care to hear me read it to you:

Day 6

Day 7:

Praise & Thanks


Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… Inhale and breathe.

I draw in my breath and expand myself to encapsulate all the wind and breeze about me. The air flows in me, and through me, and about me. The wind caresses and folds her loving arms around me and I am one with the invisible.

I shout to the heavens my guttural cry. Let the hills rumble in the wake of my voice. Carry my echoes upon the winds that caress the landscape and fondle the ears of my fellow man:

Let there be Peace on Earth!

Let the attitude of my life be one that whispers and shouts a reinforcement of peace.

Even though my soul be mired in the clay of despondency, yet will my breath blow peace. For peace is the buoyancy that carries me through the wildest storm.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward all humanity!

When Elohim finally spoke after hundreds of years of silence, what was His declaration?

Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward all humanity!

When the storm raged and Jesus’ most intimate friends thought their lives about to end, what where the eternal words that soothed their souls and the wind and the waves:

Peace! Be still.

The gentle breezes dust the hills and play about the leaves of trees. Peace wafts upon my soul and I breathe deeply. I sit myself in places where the breezes tug at my hair and kiss my cheeks to smiling.

Oxygen is our friend.

When all the cares of this world press in about me, I expand my lungs with oxygen and peace transforms my heart. I seek out the rougher blowing of the winds as it whips about hilltops and skyscrapers. I press in to the blowing that my cares might be tossed far from me.

Wind therapy is not as illusive as it may seem, for the blowing seeks you out at your doors and windows. Knock, knock, rattle… come out to meet her.

Even in the storms where my feet might barely hold to this earth as Mother Nature storms about me, she does not tear merely to destroy. Rending and buffeting shards of air cut deep into my soul and pull out, to discard that which weighs me down.

Sometimes a storm washes away what needed to leave and ushers in what newness needs to refresh.

All about me, my soul does seek for peace, yet peace is all about me if only I will embrace the wind of the Spirit of Elohim. Let this natural blowing pick up and carry off, in her invisible embrace, all that holds me to the mire of sadness.

Blow wind, blow your mighty vortex and carry off the desperation of my chains.

Peace! Be still.

There is so much more to the air we breathe than the simple oxygen that ignites the fiery passion of life. Do not forget the unreactive nitrogen than sooths the explosive nature of oxygen.

We may consider our breath filled with oxygen and rely upon only that to survive, yet without the majority of our in and out breathing being sated and soothed by non-reactive nitrogen, we might all ignite in the tiniest spark. So breathe in and breathe out non-reactive peace.

Nitrogen is vital for all life upon this earth. When broken down into the ground, the plants and animals are enriched and we carry the healing benefits in our own physicality.

The air we breathe is only the beginning of growth. All things work together for our benefit when we breathe in the peace of the air. Let your soul grow along with your body as you enrich your own life with peace.

Peace is in all things.

It blows about us, seeking where it may enter our souls and sometimes we need to discard the outer protection of our hearts and let the winds of change blow away the mistakes of our past.

Move with the wind. Be one with the natural world about us, from the tiniest particle to the fluid vapors.

Breathe them in.

Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale and breathe the breath of living in Peace on Earth with Goodwill to all.

Day 8 to come…

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