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Day 5

Day 6:

Intimate Grace: a Word from Elohim

Electricity & JOY

The consequences of rebellion and selfish pride are strong, but with confession and turning away from such there is a quick and sudden rejoicing in the heart. For the darkness only lasts a night, but joy rises with the sun after the darkest moments in the morning.

The keys or passwords that unlock the doors of joy are words of rejoicing. When you are in your most difficult trials and when all the odds are against you, then speak the things that are your joy. Set your focus upon the positives of the moment. There is always something to be grateful for. There is always something that is beautiful. There is always an outlet to plug into to find you joy.

Even when it seems there should be no happiness, and even when a happy smile is most inappropriate, yet still Joy is the undercurrent that gives buoyancy to hope. Hope is the contemplation of good things yet to come. Faith is knowing that the path before you will surely come to a joy-filled place.

When you walk into the pitch black room, you switch on a light. Rejoicing words spoken in the dark are the switches that ignite the source that feeds the light and illumines the darkest of corners.

~I AM the source of your living. Connect to Me and I will bring light into your darkest hour. I will connect you to the joy filled power that will keep you burning through the longest of journeys.

I will give you the strength of your soul: Joy. When all others fail and when all else has gone bad, yet deep within, I will connect you to the hope of joy.

Even in your weeping sorrow for loss and grief, I will hold you. I will comfort you with peace through the night and reveal My promise of joy that comes in the morning.

My joy will protect you from the onslaughts of the nay-sayers and the haters and the negative condemnations, for what sneering can ever hit its mark if a joy be the shield that protects you.

Care not and cease from your worrying about those who long to steal your joy. For My joy is an eternal gift and it cannot be gone forever. The seasons of this life may be hot and cold, lean and fat, light and dark; yet my joy is the undercurrent that will carry you through it all.

Set not your hopes upon the happiness of this present world for it is all but froth and dust in the making. Set you heart on the hope of My joy and I will carry you through to eternity’s shore with abundant grace and peace in your heart.

Let Me love you. Let Me delight in you. Let Me be the delight of your heart and those things which you desire most of all, those things which will bring a desirable outcome to your life, are the very things that I will pour out into you in abundance.

I AM a strength, a shield, a delight, a hope, and a peace. Won’t you let me be the source of your joy? Plug into Me and I will make it so. So let it be…

Amen & AMEN

Day 7

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