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Day 3

Day 4:

Praise & Thanks

Electricity & JOY

Pure Joy is my strength and shield. The crackling, zapping, electrifying joy that powers all the fullness of existence.

For what understanding is there that does not bring deep joy? If I am to pursue understanding, knowledge, or recognition, there may be dark revelations that are uncovered. But the joy of education is learning to overcome these obstacles.

The joy of living is in knowing that I may use that which is in my ability now to make better my own soul for the future. That which is in my ability is all the resources of this power in this universe.

I may look about me and see silent, dead machinery. My life my even exhibit broken pieces and I may find myself dwelling in the habitation of my soul that looks like nothing more than a junk yard. But, Joy is the power that brings all soul mechanics to life, again.

If I might connect to the power source of the universe then I will have that electrifying delight that my soul craves in order to continue in hope, in delight, in living.

That electrifying delight will then course through me to the dusty mechanics of my soul and bring to life, a jolt, a sizzling, a stirring and a whirring of life from deep within. All my soul will be lit up and seize a life of joy. My soul will purr with the energy of delight.

I delight myself in Elohim. Elohim delights Himself in me. In delighting in the character and ways of Elohim I find all my desires are given to me. And not simply the things that I want, but the very desires themselves.

I seek to submit my desires for recharging and transforming that the things I come to long for, seek, and crave are the things which come from the source of all living. Then I shall have my delight in life.

For when I hook myself up to connect with the Power that runs through and connects and brings life to this living, then I am found in the source of life. It is deep in this source of life where joy is the force that propels us forward.

I take joy into my life when I feed upon the depths of satisfaction and contentment. Not content to remain as I am, but content to be as I am now, and to strive to generate enough life force so that it re-creates a better life in my future. Always moving, always forging, and always contending against the darkness to bring myself further into the light.

When I am in harmony and unity with the depths of joy then my delight is in all that I am doing and all that I am doing crackles about in delight, with me.

Happiness is just the froth which Joy exudes. Deep joy is the substance of contentment. It is my right to pursue happiness, but even if I do not find happiness, or when happiness is far from me, yet the undercurrent of joy is my strength, my protection, my force to keep me going, electrifying the dark night of sadness about me.

With Elohim as my source of joy, the power of His delight is in me and I may be the most joy-filled depressed person I know. But just that gives me the tiniest of hope, the flashiest of sparks to hold on to and know that I will not let the darkness destroy me completely today.

Not Today.

For in this moment I will set my heart into the current of joy, I will wrap myself within the coils of Divine love, and I will magnetize my life with delight and all that is good will be drawn to the magnetics of my source. All that is good and full of hope and life will undeniably come to me. And all that is not good, all that seeks to destroy, kill, or steal any part of my life will be repelled and cast out.

And the regeneration of joy in life will create a perpetual, unstoppable force that will stay back the night …when I maintain my connection with the source, Elohim.

I delight in my God and He delights in me. All good things are drawn into my life to connect with His source and JOY is my strength.

Day 5

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