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Should you care to hear me read it to you:

Day 2

Day 3:

Intimate Grace, (a Word from Elohim).

Illumination & LOVE

The words, “Let there be light” echo through Time and I AM sees them as Good. Therefore Elohim declares, “Let there be light” in your life. In and through, for and to you, all light be shone. For it is in you that the reception of love is made complete.

There is no beauty in the light to be seen, lest there be eyes to see it. Surely the beauty of the rainbow exists with or without a vision to behold it, yet where is the joy in that?

I, the Creator Elohim, have created you to be the crowning joy of My glory. I spoke into existence the light that you might see and I might delight in seeing you. I look to you. I look to love you. I look to shine on you, in you, through you, and about you. I look to you to shine My brilliant reflection back to me. I AM loving the beautiful light in you.

As the moon reflects her pure white glow on the darkest of nights, hidden only by vapors on the wind, so you shall reflect the perfection of My love in you, if you will but let Me shine upon you.

There is no prejudice in the light. All are welcome, into the light when you step forth, without partiality or condemnation. For My grace is greater than any darkness that might hang about you.

Anyone may step into the light. I call you. I ask you. I seek you to come into My light that I might show you how you may heal the dark wounds of your soul.

Come into the light, but know that when you step into the light you will be seen. None can hide in the light and the light reveals all darkness, but it defeats all darkness and the darkness cannot dwell in the light.

I plead My grace over you. I plead My healing over you. I declare, “let there be Light in you,” and it is. You are My reflection. You are My light and I love you.

Let Me love you.

Won’t you step closer, come closer to the light that I may love you and love you more than you could ever comprehend. For all comprehension comes only with revelation and revelation comes with the Light.

I have revealed Myself to you. Come, now, and let Me reveal My love completely within you so you and I may dwell together in the completion of love for mercies sake.

Amen & AMEN.

Day 4

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