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Should you care to hear me read it to you:

Day 1

Day 2:


Illumination & LOVE

Let my confessions of play in the darkness be brought out into the light, not for torment or torture or even right punishment, but that all the evil that hangs itself upon me might be revealed and routed out. Be that evil there by means of abuse as victim, by means of acceptance or absorption of my environment, or by my own designs; let that evil come forth and be found in the light of truth.

I submit to the Light the selfish justifications of my own desires. The times when, in this life, I secretly pursue my own way for my own purposes, putting myself forward to the detriment and deception of others.

I accept responsibility for those hurtful actions and behaviors that I have taken part in. Whether or not I was being true to myself matters little when another’s innocence has suffered by my intent. I am grieved by the pain that I have generated in the people whom I have hurt. I turn away from such things and seek to live well in the light with my fellow humanity.

I confess that I am my own worst judge and it is by my own condemnation of myself that I trigger guilt, disgust, and anger within. I confess that when I shine the light upon my own soul, that I find fault first, before anyone else, as I am my own worst enemy.

I submit to the light of revelation for self-analysis, not self-exposure, lest another well intended, but misunderstanding heart be cruel to me. But I will shine upon my own motivations and intents, a sharp and clear light that I might know my own heart.

For when I do know my own heart, I see its frailty and its deception. And while instinct will often protect me from harsher sources without, yet I accept that this same protection is loyal only to my self-interest, and I must therefore take charge of it.

I determine to live in a manner that will shine with mercy and compassion on the lives of those around me. I will not live in the darkness of selfish denial. I will accept the responsibility that I am who I am, I am where I am, and I can make better where I will be.

I will use the light so seek out my own unique pattern and pathways that will lead me to selfless love and abundant grace and compassion in my daily living.

I will learn to love me. I will purpose to love others. I will shine.

Day 3

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