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I am writing a book of “Intimate Mediations” based upon the alignment of the Trevel (nine energy) universe structure — with the nine Fruit (or positive aspects) of the Holy Spirit. I study each energy source and positive aspect together, then split them into three discourses: Praise & Thanks, Confession, and Intimate Grace.

Join me over the next days and weeks as we speak into the energy about us and manifest positive aspects into our daily living. Against such things there is no law.










Introduction “Intimate Mediations”: What is the Power of the Universe?

Look around you. Everywhere you attend your focus you will see power. I’m not just talking about the power that mankind seeks to use for its own purposes. I’m talking about real Power and true Energy:

  • The energy it takes for the sun’s illumination to reach across vacuous space and touch our faces with warmth and light.
  • The energy to flash the friction of electrics across the sky, inspiring humanity to seek cleaner fuel and bring to life machines that charge progress in our lives.
  • The energy of air that blusters and blows about us in an effort to pass on life and move freshness across the rotation of the earth.
  • The energy of heat in fire that gives light and warmth and transforms simple raw produce into delicacies that delight and nourish our being.
  • The energies of water that pound and bubble in a continuously refreshing cycle of life.
  • The energy built into the breath of fauna birthing new life through a dizzying myriad of forms that we are still yet to fully comprehend.
  • The energy it takes in a single flora bud to carefully open up so that it may stretch out and feed and grow and reproduce.
  • The energy to contain this earth as foundation and casing for the precious core that boils in a molten mass beneath our feet.
  • The energy to pierce, hold together, and decorate all areas of our lives with raw, or combined metallic force.

All these energies, and even more, (in forces that we may or may not have fully discovered yet), these energies have Power that moves through them. This Power is the Power that holds the fabric of universes together.

Now, not every one of these aspects or facets of energy will appeal equally to everyone, but there is truth in all of them. Find which ones appeal most to you then filter the remaining energies through that aspect and you just might find yourself in here somewhere.

These meditations are my simple ponderings upon how I may join in unity and harmony with all the forces around me.

This is my search for God who was before us, God who is here with us, and God who will continue on forever after-

The great Creator and Power that holds all things together, whom I call,

Elohim (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Three in One)

Day 1

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