For all of the men I have ever loved;

I do still love you.

Although that love has changed,

Transformed in Time,

Yet, once, I held something in you.

Perhaps in only a fleeting moment,

For some precious months,

Or over a series of years,

The fact remains,

At one time in my life,

My love to you, I did steer.

I have learned, as I stand naked

Before the reflection of my soul,

That my love is precious.

It is not so precious because of me,

Nay, love comes from a higher source,


Being this, simply the channel-ee.

Perhaps I opened to you

In a glance or a smile,

A brief hug, or a kiss,

Or maybe, a love affair a while?

The details and morality have not such import,

As the fact that I gave

Freely, even if unwisely,

Still, you it was, that I sought.

What you do with my love

Is only yours to respond.

That, as proved sadly, is not mine to share.

But, yet I gave freely, so as

Expectations, timing, and details

Do dance us apart,

The breaking does naturally tear.

But, I’ll look to my wounds

As you look to yours.

For, I saw you as worthy

And a part of good cause.

My love is a journey

Made of all that has been.

And my love is precious,

Of its Origin, I’m seen.

Thus, I wave you my kisses

In tear-filled farewells

And wish you good peace, love, and freewill.

The more of the love that flows out of me;

The more of the Love that flows in.

And in that,

I am free.

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The Flames of love may both warm and burn.

The Flames of love may both warm and burn.

With peace and goodwill, I salute you.

With peace and goodwill, I salute you.