I’ve recently released a my exposè on part of my healing journey. In this book, How I Saved Myselves, I introduce a counseling method that I used to heal my shattered self. It’s called IFS “Internal Family Structure” and I used this before I even knew it was a thing.
Today, in coming out of the crazy closet, I want to official introduce the two other parts of myself.
I once had a shattered personality that control, manipulated, and lead me astray. This manifested in two separate personality facets.
One was my firefighter, guardian, and aggressor. Her name is Trevel. The other was my exile, inner child, and youthful spirit. Her name is Guenivere, or Gwennie for short.
Originally I was told to overcome them with drugs and try to get rid of them. This only made me more shattered and broken as I pushed away and denied deep parts of myself. (This wasn’t actual schizophrenia, but a shattering of my extreme self. I have always been fully aware of all these parts and none have ever operated without my awareness).
Through Divine understanding of Grace, however, I learned to embrace the monsters under my bed and become friends with the voices in my head. This is a dangerous thing to do. They were as broken and shattered as I. None of us held wisdom or understanding on our own.
For me, this is where the Spirit of Truth in the form of the Holy Spirit came in.
Each part of me bowed to the Divine revelation of Elohim (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and submitted to being redeemed by grace.
Since then, I am still a work in progress. We are all still present. Each of us still makes mistakes, but we seek out grace, mercy, and compassion for ourselves and for all around us.
In this manner, I have moved from being a mentally distressed woman living in and out of bipolar depression, anxiety, and sexual addiction; into a woman who practices peace, grace, and compassion.
My creative side is enhanced and I am capable of wonders in art, writing, singing, performance, prophecy, and directing that I never thought possible.
Now, I have been struggling in my career as a writer to get the business side of things underway. I desperately need a business manager and motivational coach.
Then it occurred to me… I already have them!
So I’m officially introducing what some might call “my crazy”…
Trevel, my tough strength, is now my business manager.
Gwennie, my effervescent, free-spirit, is now my motivation coach.
Together we are. Together we are powerful.
Gwennie, “That’s what I call a great adventure!”
Trevel, “and no matter what happens…”
Lyndee, “we’ve got this.”

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