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June 10th – June 15th
Do you, or anyone you know, suffer from mental distress or mental illness? Here is my story of how I was able to save myself out of the darkness of mental illness and into a full and rich life of embracing and managing my unique crazy.

How I Saved Myselves (KINDLE)


For two years, my parents put up with me living in their home as a broken 40 year old woman, desperately trying to rebuild her independence. I was tumultuous. I was grateful. I was healing.

I began writing again.

Up until now I had only been journaling. This was the therapy I continued as I had written copious notes with details and harsh truths about what I was doing, and what I was thinking, and how I was feeling all through the darkest moments of my life. The contents of those twelve journals would astonish, confound, entice, and shock the most hardened reader because it was all true. I haven’t read from these since I wrote them. I opened one once and was so horrified I couldn’t even make it through a page. I’ve not touched them since.

But I did return to what I do best. Metaphysical and fantastical imagery has always been the filter through which I see the world. I disguise terrors in the form of glorious beasties. I unveil simple truths in mysteries of character. I speak, I sing, I weave the tales of Truth into designs that are palatable to the human soul. I believe there is always a story to tell and I cannot wait to hear what there is to be shared so that I may pass it on.