There is rampant misrepresentation of Faith all over the world. It’s an epidemic.
I just wanted to share a glimpse into divine faith, and out of the mess of misrepresentation. Would you like to see God, ELOHIM: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as I do? It’s beautiful, I promise.

The Father, Creator, reigns gloriously over all. I don’t mean just over all people, or over all the earth. I mean over ALL.
You know science, physics, chemistry, biology, math, philosophy, languages, metaphysics, ideology, reality, physical laws, chaotic theories, evolutionary progress, revolutionary change- ALL these are simply tools in His hands. He is above, outside of, and over all these things.
The infinite universe that has no end… was created by Elohim and He watches over it, from outside of it. That’s a mind bending paradox.
But, He isn’t some distant deity playing games of fate. Elohim is more like a brooding hen gathering her chicks to her for protection, guidance, and above all, LOVE.

Jesus is the Messiah, but not just for the Jews or the Christians. Jesus is the Savior for everyone who comes to Him. He loves us with such desperation that he traveled away from His own majesty. He humbled himself into dust. He walked just as we walk. He was accosted, abused, ridiculed, tortured, and murdered -in the name of His own Father- by the very ones He came to love and rescue.
Despite our consistent rebellion against Him, He loves us and offers us only grace and compassion. When we come to Him, acknowledge Who He is, apologize for abusing Him and ignoring Him, then set our lives to follow His footsteps of Love… then, He pours into our lives all the power of heaven and recreates in us faultless beauty that cannot be extinguished by darkness.

The Holy Spirit is that power in us. He is throughout the Earth uniting all humanity together under the banner of LOVE.
But not only that, the Holy Spirit also changes us, transforms us from selfish, pride filled, captives into pure, humble, freedom soldiers capable and called to set other captives free.

This is the Elohim I serve.
I am human. I have within me the ability to choose life or death, positive or negative, love or hate. Sometimes I don’t always choose well. But I will continue to return to my God. Not out of duty, or because I will get good if I give good.
I come to my God because He came to Love me first and I cannot help but to love Him back.
He makes me good. He makes me Holy. Nothing I do will ever earn His grace or my redemption. I’m human. I just don’t have the power in me, on my own, to get rid of my evil nature. We all have it; that dark side within against whom we are in constant contention.
Why not hold hands with the Light as you fight with the dark. The dark will console you as it slowly destroys you The Light won’t harm you. The Light will dissipate and banish the darkness. It will be a consistent journey with a glorious end.
So, please see past the misrepresentation of the world. Please ignore the evil we all know is darkness, no matter what name it calls itself. Look to the Light. Elohim calls you to come to Him. He’s already come to Love you. Look and see Him for who He truly is. He sees you for who you truly are and He STILL loves you… and He always will.

“For I am persuaded beyond doubt (am sure) that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things impending and threatening nor things to come, nor powers, Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39 [AMP]