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Consider the fiery furnace in the old testament story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego found in the third chapter of Daniel’s book.
The story is simple. A kng demanded he, and a golden image of him, be worshipped as a god. But, these three Jewish men refused to worship any other god and served only their Jehovah. So, the king had them thrown into a furnace that burned so hot that those who bound and tossed them in, died from the heat of it.
But when the king looked inside he saw four men walking around unhurt. The fourth one looked like a son of the gods. The king called them out of the fire and when they were inspected by all the great men of the kingdom (who had been gathered to worship the golden statue) there was no sign of fire, or even the smell of smoke upon then. This king concluded that there is no god who saves like this God of the Jews.
I would like to focus upon the part of the “Son of God” in this story. What did he do and what did he not do?
Divine rescue did not come in the form of justice from the king. Nor did it come from the furnace being broken. Neither did it come from a swift and sudden running away rescue.
The circumstances of this trial did not change in any way. Evil plans continued to have their way. The fire remained and even killed as it was it’s nature to do.
BUT GOD CAME DOWN and walked with these the men. In Immanuel’s (God with us) presence, those faithful were unharmed because they were WITH the Son of God, Jesus.
What trials are you facing today? What authority threatens you as you go about your daily duties? Who is binding up your life? What hinders your progress? What keeps you tied up and casts your dignity side? Who treats you roughly and what natural force of this world burns about you to destroy?
The great part about this divine miracle is not that all the bad things stopped. The great part about this miracle is that GOD CAME DOWN WITH these men.
There are many in this world, seen and unseen, who will try to deceive you and hold you captive. But Elohim is the only One Who is worthy of our trust.
When we surrender to Him our selfish pride and bitter anger, He comes down to us. His Presence lives and stays with us. And through all the fiery trials that will continue to fight against you… He is WITH you and no eternal harm shall come to you when you are with Him.
Are you with Elohim today?
Have you asked and invited Him to be with you? He’s a gentleman and will not intrude unless you invite Him and acknowledge that He is Almighty Creator.
Immanuel, God is WITH us, and nothing can separate us from His Love.

(Gregga J Johnn is a spiritual archeologist who gently brushes away, bit by tiny bit, all the deception, condemnation, and judgment that many religious propagandas dump onto humanity. She believes if you may catch just a glimpse of Who Jesus truly is, outside religious ritual, then you will not be able to help falling in love with Him because He LOVES us first with such Love as to die in our place just so we can hang out with Him and be saved from the Darkness that wars against the Light.)