PROMOTION for How I Saved Myselves

Much of my writing is a fantastical expression of reality. In the last five years, much of my reality has been expressively fantastical. Most of my time has been spend walking around in wonder at all that has occurred about me. Nearly all of it, however, has happened out of sight of the world in general.

My housemate and best friend, Ann, has observed all of my comings and goings with non-judgement, open acceptance, and her own personal (wtf?) wonder. She has encouraged me to tell my story.

I first began to open up about what has been manifesting in my life through the filter of fantasy, as I thought it would be easier for my readers to take in the shocking truths. My book, The Magical, Fantastical World of Springhill Farmis the testimony of mine and Ann’s first year living here on Springhill Farm in Iowa. The fantasy tale in this book is more real than you may dare to believe. (It is also available here in a black and white version for a more reasonable price. The first simply contains color photographs with each chapter. It’s also available on Kindle.)

Through much of this journey, I have learned to understand myself better and to observe and see the wonder and greatness in many of those about me. I live by the adage:

writer's clock

“I’m a writer. Anything you say or do may be used in a story.”

As an actor and writer, I am passionate about character and story. I am a diligent people watcher. I can see in many the greatness that perhaps they do not even see in themselves.

I have a major novel just release after  it has taken nearly four years for me to raise the funds to get it into actual print. The Chronicles of Trevel; Dragon Tears is the first magical tale in a trilogy of energy, terror, and magic.

I have written much in the Trevel universe. I’ve even written my own fan fiction of the above mentioned trilogy. This collection of bawdy short stories gives glimpses along the timeline of one Trevel woman. In this I have introduced many characters that are in fact the “seedlings” of many personal friends of mine. I would consider a real living person I came across and see in them a glimmer of character that intrigued me. I then took those seeds of personality and grew them into a brand new persona. In my stories, The Tales of the Trevel, you may recognize a few of the characters, should you meet my friends. You may also recognize me, as much of the complications of who I am have been expressed within these pages (with a good dose of vanity).

In the back of this book is another family Christmas tale that is also available on it’s own. The Last Poinsettia was the gift I wrote for my three sons, giving them each their own faerie character to enjoy. [I often write uStories. These are customized tales about you, for you, and where you are the hero. Email me if you’re interested in purchasing your own:].

I’ve also written a short booklet (four chapters) on what it’s like going through boot camp if your a Fae Sprite in the Trevel story verse, Diamonds, Beetles, and Lucky at War. With the previously blogged here novella The Forgotten Mermaid being set for soon publication.

But still my best friend urged me to tell my story for real.

It is terrifying to live with a mind that is medically classified as “crazy,” “unbalanced,” and “mentally ill”. But it is even more terrifying to open up and let you see inside such.

The short booklet, How I Saved Myselves, is my true testimony. It is the exact retelling of how it all really happened, or at least, glimpses of small moments that are directly real. I leave it up to my readers to judge whether or not they consider me healed or still crazy. But I know what it is to be crazy. And my crazy no longer controls me. I have embraced who I am and in that, I am healing, (all healing being a process that continues through-out your whole life).

I have also just completed a three Act play that accompanies this booklet as the embodied retelling of my tale. It is called S.O.S. Save Our Soul. I look to enter it into a local new play festival. We shall see if it makes it to the stage or not, as it is highly controversial and should offend just about every one.

So, here is my soul laid bare. I ask that you tread carefully and I give you this promise:

Promises“I care not who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, who you love, or who hates you. If I come across you, I will offer you grace, mercy, and compassion. But, the only promise I can guarantee is that I will disappoint you for I am human. I can only hope you will grant me compassion also. I thank you for that.” -Gregga J. Johnn