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Confession: Electricity & JOY

(from my book of “Intimate Meditations; Becoming One with the Power of the Universe.” by Gregga J. Johnn)

What sadness have I when I confess my heartaches? What depression surrounds me when I look upon the blackness of my pain? What despair finds me when I wallow in the misery of easy company? For it is quick and easy to find companionship in discontent.

Anger is the default emotion that covers and hides, as a trap door shut down tight upon all the welling up of agony, desperation, and fear that seeps out from deep within. There all negative emotion, all stopping up of feeling, all protection against the pain that attacks me at my core being is darkness.

Fear reigns in the dark. Fear paralyzes and makes blind. Fear is the break in connection that frazzles my existence and turns me off form the Source of Life.

I cry out. My soul moans and bemoans my existence and my strength fails me. Where has my strength gone?

Oh, Holy Spirit be my insulation. Holy Spirit of Elohim come and reconnect my soul to the source that feeds me. I am undone. I am disconnected. I am dusty, empty, broken, and I feel as if I am without worth unless the source of living be found in me.

Reunite my ways. Reconnect my paths. Reintegrate the circuits that have failed and blown out, or burned up, or melted away. Clear my life that I may receive the charge that fires up my neurons deep within.

I submit to Your re-wiring. When I wire up my own life, without respect to the manual, I become a tangled mess of cross wires. My energies are wasted. I cause fires, explosive destruction, and only pollution to be expelled into my atmosphere.

Re-build, route out, and take back to the boards this crazy life that I have tried to live without the source of living. I have connected myself to lesser sources of power. The dirtiest of power sources that burn up my living at an exponential rate then belches out poison… and I wonder why I, and all those around me, are dying?

I submit to You, Creator. You have designed me. You hold the blueprints of my life and You know how best to operate my daily existence with efficiency and clean energy. You are the conglomeration of all Energy and when I submit to your refurbishing in me then I am able to adapt to any and all pure source of light and joy and life.

I will delight in you when you charge my life with power to run wherever I may be found. In all the seasons of my life, when I offer my living up to You, I may change my charge, I may re-route to back up generators, and I may even reach out and connect with You without hard wires, but only live and breathe and find my substance upon the unseen Spirit that unifies and joins all life about me.

The joy within me becomes my strength and the constant source that keeps me operating at maximum capacity. And in that, I will shine so that all the world may have light, and warmth, and protection, and delight, and LIFE about me.

Make this so to be in me.