Laughter hung heavily about in the air and the tears of cherished memories dripped as misting rain upon the leaves.
I’d come home to find myself within.


I became fast friends with Lucy and Sally, so they showed me the secret entrance that their homey webs were guarding.

As is often the case with hidden matters, I discovered my island was more than just a dream within a dream. Neither was it just layers like an onion or parfait. Rather, this island was a playground through which I could phase into multiple dimensions.

I’m not sure I can even tell the boarders of each place precisely. Reality is more fluid within the soul, spiritual, and imagined realms. So, I ceased from trying to decipher that which I experienced in my mind as I am not inclined toward the mysteries of mechanics, or science, nor even so much of philosophy.

My mind prefers to roam within Story, allegory, metaphysical imagery, and parable. So I just went with it. I laid the foundations of Light and Truth and then…

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