When was the last time you were on your face, or flat on your back, literally prostate before the LORD?
I am writing specifically today to those who say they love Jesus.
You who call Jesus your Lord, when was the last time you were either on you face in tears, clinging to the feet of Jesus? Or, when was the last time you were flat on your back in shock and awe at the wonder of mighty Elohim?
Let’s look at two bible examples for this.
Who is the one woman and the one man that are still known for their close relationship with Jesus while he was here on earth? Mary Magdalene and John, the Beloved are the ones we look to. Were they so unlike us? What did they do to get them this special relationship? I assure you, the did no more than what we are perfectly capable of doing, but just don’t.
We’re so busy running around in a “Martha of Bethany” attitude getting the details and the rituals and the provisions done right so everyone can get what they need, but we neglect the better attitude that Mary of Bethany examples in simply sitting at Jesus feet, hearing His voice.
So I ask again, when were you last physically prostate before God in your prayer time?
Mary Magdalene is no different from anyone today. We all have our sin. All sin cuts us of from God. Perhaps the only difference here is that Mary’s sin was exposed and everyone knew it. That’s not such a bad thing. Confession is good for the soul. Stop hiding your sin. It’s not like anyone thinks you’re perfect anyway. And Heaven already knows about it so let it out. Fall at Jesus feet and cry out aloud all your sins and confess with snotty nose and eyes burning with tears begging for forgiveness.
Sure, all the upstanding citizens around you will “tisk tisk” their tongues at you and want to pull you out of your ridiculous display. Sure they will criticize you, but go ahead and break open that bottle of incense. That physical representation of all your life savings. Take all the riches you have and pour then on Jesus feet. Even the church treasurer will be disgusted by your ridiculous waste. Use what could have feed all the poor in your neighborhood to lavishly decorated Jesus’ feet in your repentance.
What is Jesus response?
“Therefore I tell you, her sins, many [as they are], are forgiven her–because she has loved much…. And He said to her, Your sins are forgiven! …Jesus said to the woman, Your faith has saved you; go (enter) into peace [in freedom from all the distresses that are experienced as the result of sin]. Luke 7:47-48, 50 AMP
When did you ever want peace and freedom from all distress cause by sin?? Do as Mary Magdalene did and you WILL receive as she did, and even more so as we now have the Holy Spirit living in us!
What of John the Beloved? Do you want to be called “the disciple whom Jesus loved?” You already are. If you have surrendered your life to follow Jesus, you already are the disciple whom Jesus loved, but are you known by the world as that? When the whole world, those who love God and those who don’t, when they look at your whole life, do they say, “it’s obvious God loves them.” That’s what was said about John.
He ended his life exiled on a pathetic rocky outcrop in the middle of empty sea. Yet he spent time there prostrate before Almighty Elohim in awe and wonder at the heavenly revelation of the end times. He was even forbidden to tell some of the things he saw. But of the mysteries he did tell us… WOW!
Even while Jesus was still on earth, John was the only disciple present at the crucifixion. Jesus called to him personally and recognized him as family, passing over the responsibility of caring for his mother to this young man.
Is John the Beloved really that different from us? No. The only difference is he made sure he was where Jesus was.
Get yourself into the presence of Jesus so He may reveal His mysteries to you.
Every moment of our lives, Jesus asks us, “Do you love Me, My disciple?”
And we say, “Yes, Lord, of course we love you.”
“Do you LOVE Me, My disciple?”
And we remember our sin and shame, regretting the thoughts and actions that keep our hearts divided from our Savior.
“Yes, Lord, forgive my frailty. You know I love You.”
“Do YOU love Me, My disciple?”
And we realize that nothing else matters. Not our sin, not our goodness, not our intention, not our action. Every thing fades in the Presence of Jesus. We fall before Him, prostate in wonder at the Glory and majesty of the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords.
He is Risen! He has come to give us abundant life and we say,
“Yes, LORD, YES! We LOVE you.”
I love You, Jesus. Thank you.