USHER’S SCARY: a timey-whimey adventure around a yellow wick road of fright filled terrors!

take a bite out

The weekend before Halloween, October 24th & 25th I am producing, writing, and Directing a fantastic fright festival at Usher’s Ferry Historic Village here in Cedar Rapids, Ia.

If you enjoy Haunted Houses then you are in for a huge treat for the entire village will be lying in wait to fill you with a multitude of fears, with about 20 different scare stations and approximately 50 different cast members.

So, if you happen to amble by Cedar Rapids, Iowa the weekend before Halloween, drop in to see just how many time and space travelers have popped in to give you a terror treat.

Morticia Blade

(My last blog was a bit of a bore, sorry about that. Sometimes you need to ramble in order to understand yourself better… but, I’m doing it again.)