I remember this chasing game I used to play in elementary school. One person stood in the middle of a large open space. All the other players lines up on one side and when the person who was It said “go,” everyone ran across the space and the It chased down whom they could and everyone who was tagged became It together. The remaining crowd lined the opposite side now waiting for the original It to say, “go” and then everyone tried to cross over again, avoiding being tagged until eventually, everyone became It and the last person tagged was rewarded with becoming the new original It for the next game.
Some life principles I saw in this, really touched my heart this morning.
1) Life is calling out to each of us as we stand upon the brink of our existence. We are challenged to run passed and through all the obstacles. Sometimes life tags us and we become a part of the problems and obstacles. But, we must keep playing. You can call for a recess if you need. Take a break. Get a drink. Get back in the game. Life keeps calling us out and if we keep running, keep moving, keep doing our best to dodge, overcome, get around the obstacles before us… we will make it to the other side.
2) But, even when we get caught up in a season of life and are a part of chasing down someone else’s dreams, keep chasing. Keep running. Keep moving, because in the next game, in the next season you will have grown faster, more agile, and more adept at overcoming and missing being tagged.
3) BUT THEN SOMEDAY you will have run so fast, you will have dodged and overcome, and worked around all those obstacles in life so well, that you will be the original It. You will stand in the centre and all your dreams will be lined up before you. You will call out to your dreams and you will be the one chasing them down. You will be the one tagging and collecting all your dreams to yourself, until you have caught them all!
4) OR, at the very least, the bell will ring and everyone will go in to learn more lessons only to return to the playground in the next season to play again.
So, my friends, keep moving, keep overcoming your obstacles, keep chasing. You will grow, in your own unique way. You will become your very own original It. You will chase down and catch your own dreams.
Life, Love & Liberty are what you make of them, so continue, continue, continue…