When brushing out long hair, never force the brush through the tangles least you rip and break off the ends.
Rather begin at the end and gently smooth the lines of hair from the bottom to make the path straight for tangles to be loosed out. Slowly work upwards, smoothing gently in an outward, downward motion. If the brush finds a tangled resistance then cease. Return to below this point and smooth out a straight path below allowing the tangle to fall out of its own working.

Life Principal:
When you find a tangled mess of resistance in your life, don’t attack or force it at that point. Rather, take a step back. Look to the out edges and gently smooth a path clear there. Then work upwards, or backwards toward the tangled mess. As you smooth out and clear up your life on the edges, the tangles in the middle will fall out and work out of their own accord.
Keep at it. Be gentle. Take your time. All tangles fall smooth under a persistent gentle hand.
And don’t forget to wash and nourish and smooth out the tangles on a regular basis, making small trimming cuts occasionally. Then your reach will extend far and beautifully for as long as you so desire.