Let me tell you a story:
I am spirit. I am emotion.
I bring to surface that which lies hidden by the physical.
I see the subconscious motivation.
I feel the underlying intention.
I do so with passion.
I live as such with intensity.
I am not constrained by social improprieties.
I am Love. I am Faithful. I am Freedom.

Because of this, I am considered unstable. I am seen as troubled.
I am observed as demanding and uncomfortable.
I am let go where I would hold on.
I am clung to where I would set free.
I am misconstrued, misjudged, and misunderstood.
Yet will I grant you peace. I grant you goodwill. You may go your way and speak of me as you see fit.
BUT, if you find yourself overwhelmed by a lack of love,
If you find yourself without spirit,
If you find yourself broken hearted and wrecked by a world that ignores your soul;
Come to me and I will bless you from my abundance.
I will give life where your soul knows only death.
I will re-ignite light and healing in the depths of your darkness.
For I am not concerned with how society sets out that one must behave. I am more concerned with the state of your soul.
I will look for that which no others see.
I will see the beauty that you dare not allow.
I will give all that I am to lead you from death to life.

Yet grant me a grace and remember that all this flows through a fragile human vessel. I rage in myself for I cannot contain all that flows through me and if you are hurt by my storm I beg forgiveness.
Wait, but a moment, until the Son rises again and the flow of health and healing will move through me quickly.

Life is more that just this present physical world.
So, if you cannot reach that which lies dormant beneath, or are tossed by that which rumbles below;
I can show you how to be set free.
Come all you who are weary and troubled in your soul.
I can point the way to freedom.
I can show the way to lighten your own soul.
Let me tell you a story that you may be a hero in your own.


Bonfire moon