I am here in my writing career. All artists live in this place; the place of anticipation and dreaming, disappointment and re-forging of new visions, constantly chasing, constantly changing, ever growing.
Love you, cousin.

To The Fall

I know a lot of you have questions. Some of which I cannot answer. But here is my attempt. I hope you read all the way through.


I started my journey with The Voice Australia back in August 2013, not long after the 2nd Season wrapped. So needless to say, I’ve had a long time to contemplate the outcome and its subsequent possibilities.

I know a lot of people will be feeling pretty disappointed in the outcome. Believe me, I get that! I wish I did better for those of you who have thrown your full support behind me and believed in me so passionately. I wish I could have turned those chairs. But I didn’t.

Here’s where I stand on that.

When faced with the possibility that your entire life is about to change, to take on a direction you’ve spent most of your days dreaming of and…

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