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There are many details about the story of Noah and the Ark to be debated, but that’s not what makes this tale so sad.
What is sad is the fact that Noah spent over 120 years preaching, begging, pleading with the world’s population to join he and his family on the Ark. There WAS enough room. But, every one thought him mad, crazy, and a liar. No one listened.
For over 120 years GOD left the door open and sent messengers to plead His case. Noah pleaded. The birds who flew into the Ark pleaded. The animals and creatures who walked and crawled into the Ark pleaded. The disharmony and anguish of suffering that was rampant in society pleaded. Every Living Thing spoke out, calling for the world to seek repentance and begging to give the world redemption.
When the time came and the rains were due, Noah retreated into the Ark and after 120+ years of opportunity, GOD closed the door.
Then the rain came. Note the timeline of that: 1) opportunity afforded through the open door, 2) door closed, 3) raining judgment came.
All Noah and his family could do was listen to the screams of Death when, too late, the truth was realized.
But that is not even close to the horror of the REAL tragedy.
About 2000 years ago, Jesus the Christ died on a cross so all could repent from their dark ways and find abundant redemption back in the ever loving arms of our Creator.
For two millennium the Blood of Christ had preached, begged, and pleaded with YOU to turn from your selfishness, self-justification, and pride and embrace the free gift of redemption, but still so many think Jesus was mad, crazy, or a liar. Still too many ignore Him.
Someday, He will return and the time will be completed.
I ask you, where will you be? Will you take refuge in the Ark of Jesus’ redeeming blood? Or… I shudder to even consider.
So, when next you see a rain cloud, I beg you, take cover under the precious Love of Elohim. He is calling you.