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Yesterday as I drove to pick up my son’s, I came across a squirrel in the street that had obviously met with a car in a rough manner. I slowed down to pass by as he was in direct line with my wheels. As I did so, his head moved and he looked up at my passing.

My heart sank. This tiny creature, unable to move, was still alive and in grave danger of the next driver not being so careful to avoid him.

There were no other cars on the road at the time, so I stopped, backed up and looked out my window at him as he, again, looked up at me with sad eyes. His body was still, but for raggedy breathing.

Other cars passed by, so I set my indicators flashing and I opened the door. I reached for my window scraper that had a special lambs wool glove attached to it, and stepped out to attend to the poor soul.

My intent was to simply lay him by the side of the road so he would have more peace and not end up in a worse state than he was. I only had a passing concern of being bitten, or attacked, should he revive. However, as I bent down, he simply looked at me again, completely unable to move anything but his head.

I gently eased the soft glove under his body and picked him up off the road, walking carefully to the sidewalk and grass. Again, he simply looked up, quietly resting in my hands. My heart sank again. I could not leave him alone to die.

I couldn’t help but think that if I might do anything for this little creature, it would be to give him peace as he passed out of this life. I returned to my car and laid him in my lap keeping a tender hand upon his warm, quivering body and caressing his sweet little head. He was at perfect peace and the calm of his soul showed on his face as he closed his eyes and breathed softly.

As is my custom, I prayed. I sought that he should have peace and pass from this life in rest, but if it could be so, that he might also have a chance to heal and continue living again.

I drove the last few blocks in this quiet state and pulled into the driveway where my sons ran out to join me with wide, wonder-filled eyes as each of them asked,

“Is that a squirrel?”

We sat in their drive a few moments as I relayed how I’d found him and we all “oohed” and “ahhhed” over the sweet furry bundle resting and listening and looking at each of us.

One of my sons, sitting in the front seat, reached over slowly to let the little one sniff his finger and then gently rubbed his head.

The squirrel then sat up, calmly jumped onto the open window of my drivers side and clambered down the outside of the door. Upon the grassy hill next to the car he paused, turned back to look at me one last time, then dashed off with his fluffy tail trailing behind his jaunty little self.

I spoke in the dumbfounded quiet of my car,

“I believe we just saw a miracle.” Each of us smiled and watched our little friend scamper off into the midday sunshine.

Now, I know not the details of our miracle, whether our fuzzy friend simply needed to recover from shock or if indeed he was radically healed from near death to life. That isn’t important. The importance of the moment was in the connection of our lives. We met with a small soul in a big world and each of us parted the better for it, all because love was shared.

Let us, each day, continue to share love with each other in every moment because you never know just how much healing can take place in a generous exchange of goodwill.