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The Day the Darkness Rejoiced

By Gregga J. Johnn

All day long their rejoicing sounded false accusation, mocking and scorn.

All day long they heralded their victory while angels held vigil to mourn.

All day long the trials and torments of beating, scourging and whip,

All day long the blessing fell silent as the Father of Lights held His lip.

With drunken gargling, spitting up torn flesh, the victory lap ensued,

And Rosy way held witness with petals dipped in bloody dew.

A stumble and trip of falling beneath and a mercy was given, just one

As stranger in the land was forced in torment to substitute for the Son.

Boasting and bragging pushed up the hill to the skull, the pinnacle of death

Where nails were driven in pounding applause to the beat of God’s very breath.

That dark Regent of the night ascended from Hell lifting up his hands

Watching God raised to his trophy wall as marker of defeat through the lands.

Thinking it all of his own accord, he rebelled openly before the King

Holding the Cross out for his own glory through all of the ages to sing;

“Triumph and glory,” his echo resounded against eternity Divine.

“If not the Throne, then Heir I’ll take for today I declare He is mine!”

Smattering statements punctured the black flashing forgiveness, assurance, and thirst

Then with final surrender He descended to ground in which the Darkness was cursed.

This was the day the Darkness rejoiced for finally their pride had won.

A day of Days for eternity remembered, but this was their ONLY one.