I’m thrilled by all the new friends who took time to read my last story, “The Magical, Fantastical World of Springhill Farm.” I am working with my publisher to get the full tale in book and electronic format.
But, now, I am excited to say I have seen my next story as it swirls in the universe of creation. It brings the return of our heroine Gentle Warrior, but this time she will be in a completely different setting, a new story verse, but she maintains her same cry for Love.
“Gentle Warrior; an Obvious Allegory” will bring to life a town of honest citizens serving their king and how the outcasts impact their safe, self justified lives of comfort and earnest right living. The outcasts have no interest in the town, nor their king as they struggle every day to seek truth and a happy life.
On the far side of this country is another kingdom who just wants to control, or destroy, everything.
Come, heed the call of the King to reach out and help eachother with all the differences.
…so, yeah, obvious allegory. But it should be fun, horrific, tragic, and always full of much Love.
Can’t wait to take this journey… won’t you join me?
-Gregga J. Johnn