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It has been too long since I’ve been here, but I believe I am ready to get back into the swing of writing and projects.
Currently, my first collection of bawdy short stories, Tales of the Trevel is available on Amazon, (not sure why the Kindle version isn’t findable yet).
My second collection of children’s short stories, 7 Stories for 7 Sons [not from the Trevel Universe] will be available before Christmas, hopefully in time for you to all buy one for your favorite young imagineer.
My young adult novel, the first in a Trilogy, The Chronicles of Trevel; Dragon Tears, is still caught in the editing process as I pay off such bills.
My next “Story in the Wings” project is bubbling and about to get cooking and I’m so excited too bare all the pertinent details, but it’s mildly a secret cover up just yet.  All I can say is its called, “The Real Sexy: Women in History”.
I’m applying to DragonCon 2014 and hopefully will be there as Author, Performer, and Vendor. I’ll keep you posted.
Meanwhile, I’m vaguely taking a stab at NaNoWriMo and have begun another novel outside the Trevel world and a whole lot closer to home. It’s called, The Magical Fantastical World of Springhill Farm and is about my current home and all the magical creatures who share and visit this idyllic rural Iowan setting.
Thanks for tuning in. I can’t wait to get going again.
Love, Peace & Goodwill to all.
Gregga J. Johnn