By Gregga J. John

Once there was a truck.
It was a strong truck with a few years under its belt, but still full of great power. You know the kind; dependable, comfortable, reliable.
There was nothing wrong with the truck, but the fuel it ran on was not clean and it gummed up the engine making it rev high and work harder than necessary.
The other challenge for this truck was the road it travelled on. As a heavy machine of great power it often became bogged down on the muddy road it travelled.
One time, the bog became so thick that the tires of the truck dug in deep and there was no driving out. The truck whirred its wheels but they only spun, flinging mud up all over and lodging it deeper in the undercarriage workings.
Again, there was nothing wrong with the truck, only it was stuck in the road overworking it’s engine, going no where.
The truck needed one thing: kitty-litter.
One small bag of kitty-litter distributed evenly beneath the tires would give just enough traction. The truck could then pull itself out of the mire and drive to the nearest gas station to refuel with clean petrol, some fuel additive, a good wash and tune up.
If only there was access to a little kitty-litter.
I would like to offer some “kitty-litter” in the form of an easy to read manual, the Bible (I prefer the Amplified Version as its wordy and precise in meanings) for those times when you feel you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere. When your engine is running on inefficient fuel and you just feel overworked. Use the Bible as kitty-litter to give your life the traction it needs to get to Jesus to refuel with His Love, wash off the muck and bring a greater efficiency to your life.
The other good thing about using the Bible as kitty-litter is that it is also the perfect place to dump your crap and relieve yourself of the waste of your life, for it is only in the “kitty-litter” that you can leave such waste and the Loving hand of your Father in Heaven who feeds you will dig out that crap and completely remove it.
Try the Bible as kitty-litter. It has worked for me.