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Salutations!  I have many names.

When I was born, a girl name could not be agreed upon so I was Gregory John for about 3 days until Melinda Louise was decided.  As a little girl, I was affectionately called Lindy-Lou after the dingy fishing boat belonging to my grandparents Linda & Louis.

During my school years, the dreadful trials of another Australian Lindy became infamous, so I switched to Melinda and kept that until my final year in University at a College in America, when I changed the spelling and returned to Lyndee.

Now as an author, I have carefully chosen a special pen name: Gregga J. Johnn, no need to guess where that one came from, lol.  The “J” stands for Joy as even in my past depressive states, I have always been the happiest depressed person I know.

Online, however, my presence is often titled Trevel, or TrevelArabol and if you want to know more about the Trevel as a people, please read my novel, just released for ordering:

The Chronicles of Trevel: Dragon Tears,” by Gregga J. Johnn, of course.

But, be assured that if you wish to gain my attention, a simply “hey you” will work.  If you wish to gain my grace and compassion, simply wave and you’ll have it… (at least that is my goal.  But, I am often very human and sometimes my Scorpio tale may swing and sting.  Please accept my apologies in advance.)

So, “What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Ahh, the master-bard Shakespeare and his wisdom, or at least the wisdom of the man who originally penned those words…

And, as “a cat must have three different names,” says the beloved T.S. Elliot, I guess you could say I am in good company with multiple names . . .

I am Trevel.  (unless I can be Batman, always be Batman).

"Come with?"

If you wish to gain my attention, a simple “hey you” will do.